How to Use Video to Promote Your Consulting Business

If you want to run a consulting business in 2020 and beyond, you can’t just stick to blogging, posting text updates, and email marketing. These methods work great, but in order to get the most out of them, you need to combine them with video. 

As more people are watching videos online and that’s the preferred method of media consumption. Therefore, to help you get this right, I have shared my top tips to promote your consulting business below…

Find out what your audience wants to consume:

To create the right content, you need to know what your audience wants. So, start with that. For this again, you need to use video as people who prefer watching videos will watch it and answer your questions. 

You can easily do this with networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram stories as you can publish video content on these networks and ask people to leave their answers in the comments. If you use Instagram stories, you can add a poll or a question/answer box and ask people to leave their answers. 

Come up with short video bits:

This way of surveying your audience with videos will give you a ton of ideas. But don’t go ahead with this and create sales videos. Instead, create short bits of content that your target audience would be interested in consuming and post them on social media. 

These short videos will help you understand your audience further. As you can track things such as the number of views, video completion rate, engagement, etc. So, get yourself a good video editor and create several bits of videos for the different social media you are active on. 

Once you know what video works best you can create a webinar on it. 

Create a webinar funnel:

A webinar is a great medium for promoting consulting services. But don’t just think of it as a webinar with a video and a presentation, but as an entire funnel with landing pages, emails, messengers, etc. 

Everything should be geared towards educating your audience with good content for 45 minutes and then promoting your services at the end. 

Then the emails should follow up and get them to buy your products. 

Broadcast webinar on social media:

Nowadays, the best webinar platforms let you broadcast your webinar on social media such as Facebook and YouTube simultaneously. So, take advantage of this feature and broadcast them. This will help you reach a lot more people. It will also help you gather a lot of data. 

If running on all platforms sounds like a lot of work. You can publish the recordings on social media instead and promote them separately. Even if you don’t get any sales from this, you will get some data that can help a lot. 

Retarget attendees and live video viewers with video ads:

After people attend your webinar the email sequence will do the job of converting. But don’t leave it at that. Instead, combine it with retargeting ads. Using this you should retarget both, people who signed up for your webinar and those who watched the live video on social media (yes, social networks let you retarget live viewers). 

Here again, you should use video ads. As these people prefer watching videos, so they will probably prefer a video ad. 

With these ads, you need to send them directly to a landing page where they can buy your consultation package.

Gather feedback

The above technique will help you get clients. But there will be many more who won’t join your program. This is why you should have a second survey that asks people why they didn’t buy. This will give you ideas on what your next consulting program should be on or how you can tweak your campaign. 

You can then relaunch your campaign and reach even more people. 


This is how you can use video to promote your consulting business. Get started with the tips now.