Unconventional Job Ideas You Probably Haven’t Thought About

Many people either have a “dream career” for themselves growing up or they settle into something based on family background or acquired skills. Either of these can be fine paths to take, but others choose something that’s considered “unconventional,” either because it’s an uncommon choice or because it wouldn’t “make sense” for them according to most other people. Unconventional jobs are those that a person normally wouldn’t consider pursuing. They are often chosen by those who value the intrinsic benefits of the job itself over the money involved, or they may be chosen by those who are looking for an adventure or change in a career path they’ve become dissatisfied with. These can be highly rewarding decisions with great benefits, financial and otherwise. The following are some less conventional routes one could take in fairly common fields.

Traveling teacher

The education field is one that many people decide to enter because they were inspired by a teacher, or they wanted to enrich the lives of others, and teaching isn’t what most would call an unconventional career. Teaching in a traveling school, though, is a different story. This involves the teacher and students traveling the globe, typically to four locations a year, to learn about new cultures and have life-changing experiences all while learning their expected curriculum and participating in volunteer projects. The curriculum is typically adjusted to fit the environment students are in at the time, and to say this is a unique experience is an understatement.

Of course, this is a particularly demanding version of teaching, and not just any teacher would be ready for it. They’ll learn just as much as the students while experiencing new places and cultures, and all experience gained from this will no doubt be valuable in the future. Payment will vary depending on the program, but generally all travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the school.

Master mechanic

With how easy it is to find a car dealership in Alabaster, AL, or an auto shop to do some paintless dent repair, being a mechanic probably sounds like a pretty common job. The truth is, a shortage of able mechanics in the auto industry is causing service prices to increase and auto manufacturers to become desperate for suitable candidates. Much of automotive education these days involves the electronic elements of a vehicle, and while these are important, students still need more hands-on training with the mechanical systems.

In previous decades, it was much more common for people to work on their own cars, thus granting some level of mechanical knowledge to starting technicians. Gas station attendants would frequently learn and perform basic repairs, making them good candidates for an auto shop, whereas today the attendant’s experience is mostly that of a cashier. Those who are willing to go through the education and training to become a master level mechanic (requiring expert knowledge of both digital systems and physical) can easily clear six figures. It may be costly for automotive companies to partner with trade schools to train the candidates they need, but the alternatives are even more so.

Clean room construction

Construction is another industry where a career wouldn’t seem unconventional at first glance. After all, businesses, schools, and cities are expanding all the time, and it’s unlikely the demand for construction work will be declining any time soon. Still, working in clean room construction in Franklin, OH, is a bit different.

Clean rooms are specifically designed for scientific research, and as their name implies, must be entirely sterile. These rooms are often used for the creation of pharmaceuticals or the development of microprocessors and other highly sensitive equipment. Clean room construction companies will generally specialize in these enclosures and provide their services exclusively to labs, material handlers, and military bases that require secure and sterile enclosures for their work. These projects will require certification obtained by the construction company handling the project, and they will also see to it that any specific laws and regulations relating to the project are followed. All enclosures built and gear provided must meet rigorous standards, because the tiniest defect can result in serious problems.

Inflatable images

Every business needs to advertise, and ads in the paper, on the internet, and commercials on TV probably come to mind when thinking about jobs in the advertisement industry. It’s likely that custom inflatables aren’t at the top of most people’s lists, but they can be a bold and highly successful way to raise brand awareness.

The most likely inflatable you’ll be familiar with is the wacky waving inflatable arms-flailing tube man at many car dealerships. It’s undeniable that characters like this are eye-catching, but they aren’t the only way to use inflatables for advertisement. Inflatable logos can attract attention from longer distances than more traditional signs. Customized inflatable shelters can make your brand the star of an outdoor event. While an inflatable roof likely wouldn’t be the best way to advertise for Everdrain™, a walk-in cooler supplier in Lawrence, MI, could easily ship inflatable cooler replicas to spread their brand to new areas. Giant replicas of products make a more memorable impression than traditional ads and are great for trade shows and festivals.

A career in inflatable images will see artists using various skills from the concept phase to 3D modeling and sculpting. Of course, none of that would go anywhere without the manufacturers to print, cut, and sew the final design.

Medical malpractice attorney

Becoming a lawyer is a dream career for many people because of the respect, status, and pay typically involved, but you have so many options within this field. While you can always be a general practitioner, you can choose so many areas to specialize in, and these specializations can often be a more interesting path.

Take the medical field for example. Becoming a medical malpractice attorney is probably not a path most are thinking of when they first become interested in practicing law, but it’s a specialization with unique challenges and can be especially rewarding when helping a wronged patients seek the justice they deserve.

Medical malpractice is generally defined as an act of negligence or omission by a medical professional that results in injury to a patient. This can be caused by errors in diagnosis, treatment, or care management. For a case to have a chance at success, it must be proven that medical standards of care were violated, the injury was inarguably caused by negligence, and that the injury resulted in significant damages. The third point is important because a medical malpractice case is extremely expensive and time-consuming, and pursuing small damages simply won’t be worth the cost. Medical malpractice cases will typically require a team of medical experts to assist with the case to prove liability. While this is a particularly challenging specialization, it offers potentially life-changing experiences as well as the opportunity to help clients as no other lawyer could.

No matter what career path you’re interested in, an adventurous sort can always find options within it that stand out from the rest. You may just find something more rewarding than you ever expected.