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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buying Gaming Laptops Above $800

Are you a strict and bold gaming professional with high-end enthusiasm in the most proficient games today has to offer, or you are a bit less passionate but, you’d still love to experience playing games in high quality?

Have you grown tired of your desktop, chunky computer that you can’t move anywhere and feel completely useless with it when it comes to studying; or however competing in the infamous LAN parties?

Then you’ve probably thought about buying a gaming laptop. If you’ve been looking for reasons for buying a best gaming laptop then you’re in the right place.

However, buying a gaming laptop is a difficult task. If you’re very picky you won’t settle with anything less than the best. In the world of laptops that cost less than usual laptops the more expensive and specific models carry more fun and powerful performances that will appeal even to the highest demanding players of games.

The most important specifications include a powerful graphics card that will last more than desired, a processor capable of handling multitasking objects like charm and memory that will be sufficient for running the games that came out in recent years and are to be released in the future.

Gaming Laptops Buying Guide – Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Gaming Laptops Above $800

This being said, reaching the top level of gaming experience required spending a little more money than usual. If you’re not a specific kind of gamer, meaning that you like playing the older level games then you should read this article that is extremely helpful regarding the laptops of lower range. However for gamers who like nothing less than the ultra settings at 1920 x 1080 we recommend you to keep reading this highly intriguing article. Here, we’re going to talk about the top 10 reasons why you should buy a gaming laptop above $800 in order to experience nothing less than the best.

Reason #1: Durability That Will Last

There are gaming laptops that are as good as new even under $800 but how long will the last? The vast majority of laptops we reviewed has at least one flaw that could impact the gaming experience towards the negative meter. We’re not saying that expensive is always better but it should be taken in consideration along with the basic technical knowledge about the system and its components.

Gaming laptops represent replacement for every chunky, heavy desktop computer that cannot be placed wherever we wish. However, it is well-known fact that the laptops are not as durable as the desktop computers. Settling yourself with a laptop that comes with more efficient utilities and features that will convert establishes your gaming experience for at least 2 years. Getting a laptop that will last between 2 and 4 years is hitting right in the sweet spot. You will notice that the laptops with the 8 series of graphics card will struggle when starting some more demanding game releases, furthermore, they might not even be able to start them. Same is for the laptops that contain graphics cards of the 9th series, at least the beginning one. The GTX 920 and GTX 940 will have a lot of troubles running the newer games and as a result of that, they will have to stick with the older releases and set the newer game releases to the lowest settings in order to experience at least a bit of this gaming enjoyment.

The laptop with higher generation of processors and graphics cards do not just promise better gaming experience but more durable one as well. Imagine playing on  a laptop that you can use at least 3 to 5 years without any kind of malfunction that will get in the way with turbulent gaming life of yours. Better components also feature better cooling utilities, better screen panel and advanced software that does nothing but enhance gaming.

Reason #2: Futuristic Design

The business meant to be laptops feature slim and sleek design the most of the time. The gaming laptops don’t. What makes the ordinary, under $800 gaming laptops look boring is the same chassis with a plastic cover and an etched info that doesn’t reveal anything special other than the logo.

Instead of a boring and sturdy plastic, the gaming laptops bring on something completely different, a sleek aluminum built with brushed textures and interesting, game representing logos such as HP Omen, Asus ROG and Acer Predator series have.

On the other note, there are powerful illuminated keyboards that bring really sinister ambient on the board. There are occasionally laptops with the backlit keyboard even if they are not directly purposed for gaming, but seeing a sinister red color on our keyboards gives us some kind of special power, or at least I’ve always felt like that. The MSI laptops come in 3 colors; red, green and blue but that is a bit overly attached for my taste. One color makes a lovely input to a gaming creed.

Moreover, you’ll see additional original designs with various templates that exchange from model to a model. Playing these machines will make you look very confident and it will help you realize that the future is now.

Reason #3: Advanced Screen

The gaming laptops under $800 and under feature older generation screen that can disappoint despite the quality. The laptop display technology runs on two popular panels that take over the laptop industry. Those are TN panels and IPS panels. We talked about them in the previous articles but, aside from over 175 degrees of viewable angles, the IPS paneled screen displays a large selection of vivid colors with vibrant and colorful shades and textures, whereas the TN panel provides bad quality screen without a finish matte with poor viewing angles and reflection. This means that if you were above or under the laptop the certain surface displayed with you would be blurred or black.

Getting a gaming laptop above $800 ensures an IPS panel display with finish matte, full HD, 1920 x 1080 resolution and a predictive screen that sets you in advantage compared to your gaming opponents, clarifying you as the clear victor of whichever game you choose to pursue in order to achieve high end, proficient gaming experience that is remembered.

Reason #4: Entertainment

If you’re looking for a laptop that will sport Candy Crush Saga and the other facebook games you should stop reading this post here. When you’re thinking about buying a laptop that will cost this expensive, you should really consider these important steps.

You need to think whether you want to run less or more demanding games. Moreover, you have to think whether do you want to run games that are to come out in the upcoming months and/or years or are you okay with what’s come out in the prior years. Additionally, the newest laptops are VR ready and they are highly functionally equipped.

Buying a laptop above $800 will establish a sleek ground that will welcome the newest games of the generation like an old friend. With the newest releases of the processors and graphics cards you’ll be able to pursue your gaming dreams without stuttering, crashing and lag. The four riders of the apocalypse for every gamer are over and they can consider gaming a long-term hobby now.

Reason #5: Audio Quality that Brings Chills

Manufacturers usually don’t focus on speakers too much when it comes to the laptops. Gaming laptops of higher value tell different story. Audio is definitely important to our gaming life. If a game has a good set of soundtracks, accompanied with a good audio they will take you to the open world of the MMO or any other game you’re about to explore. Good audio not just hypes the game, but also evokes the emotions that are very important and therefore good set of speakers allow the game to transfer its story to you.

You will usually have to pay more to get a good quality of audio. Good audio that replaces the external speakers and headphones, works like charm and makes you all chilly is an important factor to consider when buying a gaming laptop.

Reason #6: Good Without a Charger

The vast majority of gamers don’t just use gaming laptops for their gaming needs. There are also people who use it for their business or even studying. In those moments we may appear to spend time outside and having a good quality battery is essential in that case.

You will hardly find a laptop under $800 that can offer more than durable battery in real time. The manufacturers talk about the magical 9 and 11 hours lasting battery but in real time, the battery doesn’t exceed 5 hours if that much.

Gaming laptops that cost more than $800 and laptops in general easily exceed the 6-7 hours of battery life and provide a great, uninterrupted time for their users.

Reason #7: Additional SSD for Storage

The price of the SSD drives has always been abnormally high for gaming laptops, especially 512 GB, but they are worth every penny. A preinstalled Windows will work much better on a SSD than a mechanical hard-drive, even with 7200 rpm that are considered relatively fast.

We are to see frequent replacement in the storage, where the SSD will easily replace a mechanical hard drive. The under $800 laptops can contain a SSD if you’re lucky but, mostly there are a 1 TB 5400rpm SATA drives that take too long to load, even the Windows. Over time when the health of hard drive starts weakening you will feel rather annoyed  than happy.

Buying a laptop that is more expensive secures a healthy, steady and smooth solid-state drive that has fast access and transfer speeds. The best, professional gamers won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Reason #8: Graphics Card of a Newer Generation

We’ve already mentioned above that the series of graphics card matter. Buying yourself a laptop that has at least NVidia GeForce GTX 950/60M settles a safe ground in gaming for  a long time.

However, buying yourself even better card such as the GTX 980M, 1060M, 1070M and 1080M provides the greatest gaming quality for a long time in gaming. These graphics will without sweat take on the latest releases for many years and provide a safeguard in the gaming industry.

The gamers with the most enthusiasm for the high demanding games will definitely turn at least towards GTX 1060 because of its virtual reality feature that gets more popular through the years. However even a laptop with GTX 960M is worth buying.

Reason #9: Quad Core Processor

The quad-core processors are getting more and more popular in the laptops. Especially because of their multitasking features that support graphics card in pursuing the gaming dreams but also consume the day to day tasks without sweat.

The quad-core processors don’t make significant appearance in 13 and 14 inches laptops but they are frequent in 15.6 and 17.3 inches laptops. Mostly because of their capabilities and accompanied with good amount RAM they can handle whatever you throw at them.

Reason #10: Enjoyment

It’s hard to say that the new laptop won’t bring you any joy. Even better, a laptop with advanced components and high-end performance will make you feel either happy and joyful on long term.

Whether are you a hardcore gamer, designer or graphical designer you will enjoy the highest quality of performance the fresh, new laptop delivers. When you’re buying a gaming laptop you’re aiming to cover all of your needs and not just gaming needs but even the business ones, school ones or just day to day ones.

There are many reasons why a gaming laptops with mid or higher range budget can determine the level of enjoyment.  Higher range however with great 1080p or even 4K screens along with the components determine the ambient of every game and how it’s played. Also it definitely depends on how professional and how strict you are in terms of gaming.

Final Words

This is our guidance to buying the proficient gaming laptop. 10 reasons for buying a gaming laptop above $800 will definitely pay out in the future. If you’re more of a laid back player, this guide is not for you but we all know that the best gamers never settle for mediocre laptops and that’s why we’re here to give our 10 reasons for buying a gaming laptop above $800