Welcome to LincolnLabs.com!

Welcome to LincolnLabs.com!
My name’s Adam, and I’m the founder of LincolnLabs.com

I strongly believe that we are present on this earth to live a happy life.

LincolnLabs Mission

Previously, LincolnLabs was created to support a community of likeminded technologists who believed in advancing liberty and technology.

Starting in December 2017, after changing owners, we made it our mission to share our technical knowledge with expert product reviews and buying guides on the latest technology, computers, headphones, sports equipment and outdoor gear in various categories. Helping our readers make the right call when they are picking out a product.

Our Team

Adam – Founder

Adam is the founder of the LincolnLabs.com technology site, and a serial entrepreneur. He strongly believes that we are present on this earth to live a happy life! He owns dozens of other editorial sites and is a contributor at Forbes.

Danica – Chief Editor

Danica is a dedicated student of Applied & Computer Physics and very passionate about gaming and technology. She’s got to test various games for either PC and PS3 and PS4. Her goal is to learn game developing and designing and work on creating a wildly popular game in the future. Her hobbies are reading, drawing, playing computer games and writing; all things she’s done since she was 8.

Unless otherwise noted, all posts on this site are sponsored.