How to make your family okay with Your Cannabis Use

Most people who smoke weed will experience, at one point or another, some family members or even close friends who don’t like it. Maybe, one day, they’ll catch you buying discounts at ILGM, and start to get upset or annoyed with you.

Should you find that someone you love doesn’t approve of the fact you like to smoke cannabis, I want to share with you my advice on how you can try to convince them that they’re wrong; it’s not doing you any harm.

Winning over the law is one thing, but winning over your family is a whole new ball game.

  • Work Hard

When most people think of stoner stereotypes, the first one that comes to the mind of many is that they’re lazy.

They don’t go to work or school, and they spend all their time just sitting in their bedrooms, eating junk food, and smoking pot.


But the best thing you can do to prove that stereotype wrong is to be living proof of it’s falsehood. Make sure you either study hard for school, or work hard at your job. Marijuana should be something that you do to wind down after work, not just something you do instead of work. Gorilla Glue Strain would be perfect for you if you need a balance of euphoria and relaxing sleep, as featured by

  • Stick to the facts

As much as you might try to avoid it, when you’re talking to someone who doesn’t approve about the topic, avoid emotion.


Facts don’t care about your feelings.


Don’t get upset or angry, and avoid emotionally driven phrases such as “It’s my choice” or “You’re just a puritan”.


Instead, focus on what the scientists are saying. Talk about the severe lack of evidence that it harms your body. Let them know that because your brain is fully developed, you don’t need to worry about it damaging your brain. Many people are even opting to start using CBD instead of cannabis, its been shown to be very beneficial, even for your pets!


If you can stick to the facts without bringing emotion into it, you can make a more solid argument.

  • Listen to them

Sometimes, when your family is telling you why they don’t like weed, they might actually say true things.


The only reason they’re being how they are is that they love you and want to protect you. Instead of just dismissing everything said, listen and try to understand what’s being said.


And if they give you some advice that’s actually sensible, hear them out, and take on board what they’re telling you. By doing this, you’re showing that you respect them, and your own safety.

  • Cut out bad stuff

Another common stereotype about stoners is that they’re all unhealthy. They live their lives off of takeaways, and they’re always drinking, and exercise is a foreign word.


As with working hard, it’s your job to defy this stereotype. Make sure that you’re eating a healthy diet and exercising a lot. You should also cut out on smoking and drinking.


If you live a healthy and happy life, people are going to look at you more favourably, and won’t just view you as a good-for-nothing pothead. You might smoke weed, but that doesn’t define who you are as a person.

  • Avoid bragging 

And finally, don’t brag about it. One of the biggest reasons why your loved ones might be against you smoking weed is because they’re worried you’ll become one of those people who base their whole personality on it. 


 We all know the kinds of people I’m talking about. Those who wear clothing with the weed symbols on, regularly posting pictures on social media, always talking about it.

Make sure this isn’t you.


Smoking cannabis is your own personal choice. While nobody has the right to tell you to stop, you can’t really blame them for trying if you’re going to be annoying about it.