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The secret tool to create engaging videos

Your marketing plan can get great improvements by using a video marketing strategy wisely. 

Engagement levels for videos are continuously increasing since people love watching videos and prefer marketing videos over any other type of branded content.

Videos are the perfect tool to tell your brand’s story and to generate strong and meaningful connections with your target audience.

However, videos are also a great choice to communicate simple messages, to explain how your product or service works and to talk about its main differential.  

So instead of posting dull pictures on your business’s account, creating marketing videos can be a better and more creative alternative to deliver your messages. 

Producing marketing videos can be easy if you take these elements into consideration. 

Every social media platform has its own established video sizes and specs and offers different video edits options. 

You don’t only need to be aware of video length, aspect ratio and video format, but also keep in mind that you can give your video a few basic retouches with some social media platforms features.

Nevertheless, editing your video in a specialized app will always generate better results than just applying some random Instagram filter. 

With CreatorKit you can create thumb stopping videos in a few seconds just by choosing the template that best fits your needs and exploring the many editing options this online program offers. 

In addition, you’ll probably love to know that you can create a video out of two or more videos thanks to CreatorKit’s online video merger feature, which will allow you to save a lot of time and money.