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Tech & Other Things You Need For Your Next Road Trip

Summer is coming up, and if adventure is what’s awaiting you in the coming months, you’re probably already planning out your next summer road trip. Whether this is your first one or you’re a road trip regular, there are some things every successful road trip needs. We’re filling you in on the apps, technology, and other things you need to make this summer’s road trip one to remember.   

The Basics

Before you head out on your Dumb & Dumber style adventure, you’ve got to make sure you have the basics covered if you want to pack smarter than Lloyd and Harry.

  • A Reliable Vehicle: First thing’s first. Before you take off, you’ll need a trusty transportation device to cart you safely to and from your destination. That rusty old ‘91 Civic with a less-than-questionable transmission just won’t do though. Make sure your car is in tip-top shape before you explore the open roads. And if it’s not— why not shop for a new VW for sale and make your trip its maiden voyage? Just make sure to have your local mechanic do a vehicle checkup to ensure everything’s looking good!   
  • Car Insurance: While we hope you don’t encounter any roadside issues on your trek, having car insurance is crucial if you want to protect yourself from hefty fines and even legal action in some states.
  • Driver’s License: Double and triple check that you have your driver’s license before you even start that ignition.


Having the right copilot can make an okay road trip a really great one— and vice versa with a subpar copilot in the passenger’s seat.

Your copilot should:

  • Have a positive attitude
  • Display excellent DJ skills
  • Be able to navigate or at least use a navigation system

If you have a great friend by your side, your road trip will surely be one to remember, whether you’re exploring every US National Park or just passing through desert ghost towns and grassy plains.


Every great road trip needs a well-planned route. If you want to make the most of your trip and hit all of the major tourist attractions, best-kept secrets, and breathtaking sights, you’ll want to use a road trip planning app like VisitTheUSA if you’re traveling across the U.S. And if you’re planning a road trip abroad, use Routeperfect to help you navigate the foreign roads.


Every great road trip needs a playlist to carry you through each mile and moment on the road. Use Spotify to find ready-made playlists, or create your own and tailor your songs as you make your way through mountains, coastal scenes, and deserts. Also, remember not to leave the kids out of the fun. There’s a reason they love their own songs, so download amazing Kids learning songs on the go for all categories of kids.


When you’re out on the open road it can be easy to slip into less than ideal eating habits— snacking on gas station goodies and chowing down on roadside burgers as you pass through small towns. Prepare for your big trip ahead of time so you can eat well even when you’re on-the-go. Try out a snack subscription service and have your snacks delivered right to your door, so you have one less thing to think about packing. With Naturebox, you can access healthy, fulfilling snacks to help you recharge and refuel rather than munch on gas station chips and candy that won’t actually nourish you. Try dried fruits, nuts, and of course a few sweet treats to satiate your sweet tooth.

And when you’re ready for a hearty meal and a break from driving, use the Roadfood app to find authentic regional eats wherever you are. This is a great way to find unique local dives and popular restaurants that go beyond the standard fast food road trip meals.

Travel Essentials

The beauty of road trips is that you have the freedom to customize your trip to your liking. Want to check out the New England Maple Museum or the Toilet Seat Art Museum? Go for it! The point is, you’ve got to be ready for anything when you’re on a summer road trip. You never know when you’ll find a mountain lake to cool off in or an epic camping spot to catch some z’s after a long day on the road.

Make sure to bring along these road trip essentials to facilitate maximum fun:

  • A camera or smartphone to document memories
  • Sunscreen
  • Camping gear
  • Bathing suit, hat, towel
  • Athletic wear
  • A going out outfit

In Conclusion

A lot goes into planning the road trip of your dreams — but follow these tips and you’ll be ready to start that ignition and get on the road!