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Preventing the Largest Technological Threats to Your Company

Technology has remarkably disrupted businesses in more ways than we can imagine. From facilitating swift payments to safeguarding transparency across various business facets, technology is undoubtedly a marvel to behold. Despite its numerous benefits, technology also poses an adverse risk in the form of cyber-attacks from unscrupulous individuals out to wreak unimaginable harm to your business and the economy at large. As a business owner, it’s imperative to exercise stringent measures to keep your business safe at all costs. Before dipping into your wallet and embarking on an IT shopping spree, here are a few pointers that you need to consider.

Hire a Seasoned Cybersecurity Expert

The benefits of hiring an experienced cybersecurity expert for your business cannot be stressed enough. Inform your employees on the need to hire a cybersecurity expert to provide round-the-clock IT security for your business. Regardless of your business’ size and reputation, you can still get hacked and adopting preventive measures is way better compared to a reactive approach. This means that you must get acquainted with recent incidents that have plagued several companies and seek protective measures to prevent unauthorized access into your network. Pulling off this feat would require installing endpoint security as an essential aspect of data protection. However, it should be installed by seasoned experts.

Embrace Cyber Security as an All-Inclusive Company Culture

Protecting your business from cyber-attacks isn’t just a one-person mission. Far from it, it requires the active involvement of your employees on the various ways they can expose the company to cyber-attacks both knowingly and unknowingly. There’s so much that endpoint security can accomplish but protecting your business necessitates informing your employees to watch out for potential threats and exercising discretion when disseminating information.

Often, your employees’ desks can be a magnet for hacking breaches through pop-ups and apps sent on email servers. To avoid falling victim to this common hook, ensure that your employees are informed on company internet policies regarding the business. From the onset, outlay the boundaries on what can and cannot be done on company premises and devices.

Separate Personal and Business Accounts for Improved Safety

Since your business is a professional and corporate entity, ensure that correspondences for business, banking and personal accounts are maintained on separate platforms. In the event that a hacker accesses personal accounts and passwords are compromised, your banking and business accounts are still safe and can be upgraded when the need arises. Suffice to say, all uploads and attachments must be protected and encrypted at all costs.

Conduct Frequent Checks On both Software and Hardware Devices

While most attacks are often manifested through software platforms such as add-ons and apps, hackers have been known to deviate from the norm and embedding viruses on physical devices. To prevent unauthorized transfer of company data on physical devices away from the office, ensure to install lock ports designed to keep devices tethered to a physical work station. As an extra precaution, strive to lock down server room doors and offering minimal authorization. You can go an extra mile and install cloud computing software to track missing devices such as desktops and laptops.

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