SocialCaptain Review: Rock-Solid Instagram Growth

I have been wanting to do a review on SocialCaptain for a while now, and while my initial experience was great, I thought I would use it for a few more months so I would be able to really give an honest review. Often times the excitement of something new can cloud your judgment when writing a review, so I decided to put this Instagram growth software to the test for a bit longer.

Well, it’s now been a few months of using the tool on a paid plan, so I am very familiar with how it works and can confidently explain why I feel the way I do about this option. I’ll come right out and say it: this is the best Instagram marketing and follower growth options available today. No other piece of software even comes close in terms of speed and results.

I think it will be beneficial if I expand on why I think this is the best option, so I’m going to highlight the biggest takeaways I think you need to be aware of if this is something you are considering trying out. Let’s get started with the details.

1. Targeting and filtering options provide you with full control.

Having 100,000 followers that have no interest in what you are marketing is useless. I would rather have 2,000 followers that will like and comment on my posts and then maybe eventually turn into a customer. The filtering and targeting options available with SocialCaptain help you attract the highest quality followers, with interests related to your offer(s). This type of hyper-niche marketing helps you to build a loyal and engaged following.

2. Artificial intelligence makes automation appear to be human.

AI makes this tool outperform anything else on the market. The kicker here is that SocialCaptain becomes smarter over time, learning what works for your specific account. One of the most interesting advancements in modern technology is machine learning, and it’s amazing how something as simple as Instagram account growth can leverage this technology to help you attract real followers. You can see the performance improve due to continued learning in the data accessible via the dashboard.

3. Nothing beats a full-time social media marketing employee that works 24/7.

The AI component of SocialCaptain makes everything your account does appear to be human. So, imagine if you had social media employees that worked every day, 24-hours a day, and never needed a day off. Well, that is what it’s like using this tool. You will want to analyze your data and analytics to make adjustments, but this can literally work around the clock for you.

4. Extensive data and analytics at your fingertips.

What also sets this tool apart from the others is its dashboard. You can watch everything happen in real-time. See your followers increase and see what type of engagement is occurring. While this tool works around the clock, you can use the data available to make changes that will help improve your results. Take advantage of the data made available to you.

5. Affordable Instagram growth.

To be honest, I would pay way more than what I am for these results. I am on the highest growth plan, which is $99 per month. This delivers growth speeds of 10X that of their other option, which is only $39 per month (or $15 per week). If you are serious about increasing your Instagram following, then go with the $99 plan. If you have a smaller budget, start with their lower priced plan.

6. Real followers and real engagement.

This is what I was most happy about. The followers I receive are real and not bots. I know this simply by looking at their profiles and seeing how active they are. Also, as my follower count increases, so do the number of likes and comments on my posts. If you are gaining fake followers and fake engagement you are wasting your time and money as they never help your business.


SocialCaptain gets a 9.8 out of 10 from me. The only reason I’m not going full 10 is because you have to leave a little wiggle room for improvements or for someone to challenge them, but as of right now there isn’t a better option out there for growing your Instagram followers and marketing offers using the Instagram platform.

These are the same kind of results you would expect from having a whole team of employees working on your account non-stop, for just a small price per month. You really cannot afford not to use SocialCaptain if you are serious about Instagram marketing. But, you don’t have to just take my word for it. Sign up for a free trial and fully test-drive the software and see for yourself. You can visit SocialCaptain’s website and easily register for a 3-day trial for free.