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Using SignNow Software for Enhancing Business Efficiency

Any software and programs that are in use nowadays were developed to make various processes easier than before. The operation of a single company involves so many different tasks and stages that improving even the smallest of them can make a drastic difference. That is why specialized programs are created to either automatize certain processes or help employees with them. One of the main directions in improving business operations for the past years has been digitalizing all the records in the company and managing them electronically. It also means that each of these documents will require special tools and a way to make an electronic signature. Therefore, finding and implementing effective and helpful software is crucial.

SignNow is one of the numerous programs designed for e-signing that you can incorporate in your firm. There are, however, some differences that make it more useful and accessible than other competitive software. With this program, you will be able to improve the workflow and increase the efficiency of record keeping significantly. SignNow offers solutions for any stage of the document lifecycle, from its creation to signing and finalizing it. By making each process considerably simpler and quicker, the workflow as a whole becomes more effective and fast. The program allows employees not to spend hours editing, delivering, and signing official documentation. The software simplifies the whole task, and the time and effort saved can be spent on completing other tasks.

The Areas of Business that Can Benefit from Installing SignNow Software

You can find a wide array of programs coded specifically for companies in different sectors. However, some software is universal because it focuses on common tasks. SignNow is one of such programs that are equally advantageous for any company, from retail to specialized institutions. That being said, many areas still have a long way to go to fully digitalize their records. But some businesses have been fruitfully using these programs for some time, and the results are positive, which is reflected in the user reviews. Here are some of them:

  • Universities and schools – any educational establishment, from language courses school to the leading universities, faces tons of documents every day. The number of students increases every year, and there are numerous documents concerning each of them waiting to be processed. Incorporating e-signing programs would be helpful for students, professors, and other employees alike. While teachers have to deal with hundreds of essays, tests, and other homework, there are also official documents like certificates and various records ready to be reviewed and signed.
  • Insurance companies – the number of documents to be collected differs depending on the type of insurance you are getting. However, any kind of insurance requires a substantial number of papers collected and signed appropriately within a strict time limit. Having a digital management program at an insurance company saves a lot of time and work for both the employees and the clients. It also helps with assisting more customers and increasing profits.
  • Banking institutions – banks have to deal with thousands of transactions and various requests every single day. Often, there are delays because of the inability to process each request in time, which causes inconveniences to everyone, from clients to the workers of the bank. Electronic signature software not only makes document management faster but automatizes some stages of the process, which makes it much more convenient.

The Wide Array of Features Offered by SignNow

Apart from the main feature of the program, which is making the signatures digitally, there is a handful of other useful tools. In the online reviews posted by the SignNow clients, you can see how even the simplest features can make a difference. Not to mention that you do not need any special equipment to use the software. Here are some of the handiest SignNow solutions:

  • Choosing the signature methods – it is easy to make a signature in different ways on paper, but e-signing programs usually lack such variety. Luckily, SignNow offers a few convenient ways of signing. The creator of the document can either give the signers the freedom of choosing their preferred method or pick one for everyone to follow. A signature can be easily drawn with the help of your touchscreen, stylus, or the computer mouse. Additionally, you can use a photo of the signature or type your name in. Any signatures that you use can be saved in the storage for quick access in the future.
  • Putting the document recipients in a line – there are certain documents that require signatures in a specific order. If you do not want to collect the paper after each signature and manually forward it to the next person, just set up a queue in the program. It will automatically redirect the file to the next signer after the required signature is collected. After all signatures are in place, the program will send the finalized paper back to the creator.
  • Attaching additional documentation –to make the record management swift and efficient, you can exchange a few documents at once. In case you need a person signing the document to provide any additional files, he or she can enclose them to the original document and send back together. Thanks to this feature, you can save time by collecting all the necessary papers at the same time instead of sending separate emails requesting them. You can set up the requirements for the paper in the SignNow settings.