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How to work at night without negative consequences for your eyes

Working at a computer is a perfect activity for many people, but you should not forget that this kind of earning money negatively affects your health. In particular, when you work at night, your eyes are under constant stress, so you should try to reduce the negative impact on the organs of vision. How to remove the stress from eyes? For this purpose there are several ways, using which in a complex, you can achieve positive results. 

How to get rid of tension in the eyes if you work on the computer at night? 

Besides different methods of removal of fatigue from eyes, it is necessary to follow the simple rules. The health of bloggers, freelancers, and other moneymakers is seriously threatened. The sedentary life doesn’t lead to anything good for your health, let alone the harmful influence of the computer. Working at a computer is very tiring for the eyes, and can adversely affect your eyesight if you neglect simple rules. In order not to get serious problems with eyes follow the next recommendations. 

1. Keep distance with the monitor, your back should touch the back of the chair. Correct sitting at the computer is already enough to reduce the negative impact on the eyes. If the tension of the eye muscles is reduced, you will not feel tired for a long time and can easily spend hours at work. 

2. In pharmacies are selling the special glasses to relieve eye strain. According to experts, this is a useful tool especially for those who spend a lot of time at the computer. They are not expensive, so it is better to buy such glasses and to wear them from time to time. 

3. Make a small break. To relieve fatigue will help a little break. You need to relax, close your eyes for 2-3 minutes or look at other objects. You can also do a simple exercise: tangibly, but without pressure, put your hand to the closed eyes, then remove the palms and open your eyes. Repeat at least 10 times. 

4. Blink! This method is applicable in any environment, including when you are on a meeting or when you are driving a car. Just blink – often, intensely, consciously. Rapid blinking serves tired eyes a good relaxing exercise. 

5. Use moisturizing drops. Means for eye against fatigue belong to a group of drugs that do not require a prescription from the treating doctor. Such drops are analogous to the tear fluid. You can apply them at any time of the day if you feel discomfort in the eyes. Most of these drugs are intended not only for the immediate elimination of tired eye syndrome but also can be used for its prevention. 

6. Adjust the light. Observe the hygiene of reading in general. Arrange the light source so that it is behind and slightly above, make the lighting moderately bright. By working at the computer you can use special programs, such as HazeOver, for example. They help by simply darkening inactive windows, leaving the opportunity to perfectly distinguish symbols and images on them. Thus, you can see the active window even with a sidelight. Whether it will be the easy hint which is unostentatiously shading background windows or hardly permeable dark cloth for implicit dedication to an important task. Do you work at night? Reduce interface brightness without compromising to readability and a color rendition of the main window. 

7. Eat healthily. Doctors also recommend using all kinds of vitamins to improve and strengthen the vision. Eat more carrots, blueberries, and oranges. These products have a positive effect on the health of your eyes. Vegetable salads, freshly squeezed juices from carrots, beets, and spinach in combination with a small number of protein products, cereals, and sour milk drinks – this is what your eyes need. 

To maintain eye health is one of the important details of your night working activity, which you should never forget. If you do not want to spoil your eyesight, then use different techniques and let your eyes to have some rest.