Best Shorts to Workout In
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Best Shorts to Workout In

The right type of workout shorts can have an impact on everything. They can boost your confidence during workouts, increase the longevity of workouts, and impact how long you ultimately keep up with a workout regimen.


The better part of working out is psychological, and the right workout shorts are nothing short of placing you in the best mindset no matter what your sweat of choice is. Whether you are hitting the gym, cycling, running, or simply going for a long walk, the best fitting shorts are sure to put a pep in your step. The best-fitting shorts will depend on the type of workout you are performing and your style of working out.

How do you find the best fitting workout shorts?

At the very least, workout shorts should function by wicking sweat and preventing chafing. They should also allow for a significant range of motion. New technology in workout short design has recently emphasized the importance of pockets and compartments to hold cell phones and other small personal items.


Form and function are key for the perfect fitting workout shorts.  The best way to find the right shorts for you is to try them on, get recommendations from workout buddies, and to read product reviews and information.


There are different lengths of shorts that are best depending on the type of workout you are doing. For instance, if you are a runner you would want less material/length on the short (typically about 5 inches). If you enjoy lifting weights or cycling, more coverage between legs and the workout bench or legs and the bicycle seat is ideal (about 9 inches). If you enjoy a mix of these activities, about 7 inches of material will do the trick.


The best shorts for working out will be made with moisture-wicking materials that you will appreciate when you are working up a sweat. Still, there are other fabrics to consider when choosing your shorts. Many shorts are made with a material that stretches in four ways to conform to the movements of the body in all directions.


Since most people working out nowadays are also carrying a smartphone, it is imperative that the best workout shorts will have a pocket or compartment to hold your phone. Some shorts will have typical side pockets while you may prefer shorts that have zippered pockets which will prevent items from falling out.


Many shorts available on the market have a small pouch that is sewn into the inseam of the shorts, which allows you to tuck the phone into, and it is secured close to your body for more high impact activities.


The fit of workout shorts will depend on personal preference. You may prefer shorts that fit very close and snug to your body, or you may prefer shorts that are more on the roomier side. This is definitely a preference you will want to keep in mind when you are searching for the best workout shorts for you.


Another factor to consider when shopping for the perfect workout shorts is the style of the shorts. Workout shorts are made in just about every style imaginable. It is very important to consider your own style preferences when selecting shorts to ensure that you will feel (and look) great during your workout. Looking great is a huge motivating factor for during and after workouts.

You Deserve to Work Out in the Best Shorts

The best shorts for working out are those that will look great, make you feel great, endure workouts, and keep you comfortable. 


Whether you are starting a new workout regimen or just looking for a workout wardrobe upgrade, it is important to stay informed about the newest and best short designs and technology.