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Brisbane Yamaha Sales Soar for Brisbane Yamaha Boat Dealer

yacht on body of water

The capital city of Australia has become quite a tourist spot. Not only because of its gorgeously warm weather and blue skies, but also because of its aquatic recreational life. 

Many people flock to Brisbane to experience the crystal blue ocean waters. Tourists and locals alike love sunbathing on the Brisbane beaches and swimming in the ocean. But nothing quite beats a ride on one of Brisbane’s best boats. Check out this link to know more.

For the last couple of years sales of boats have soared, because Aussies just love to sail on the ocean. If you are an Aussie local, then you might want to consider getting your own boat. 

Here’s what you need to look out for when purchasing a boat:


Despite popular belief, boating isn’t that expensive. Owning a boat is different to owning and purchasing a yacht. A yacht is associated with luxurious lifestyle, whereas a boat is more for fishing, sailing, and even recreational activities in the middle of the ocean. 

You have to set a budget for your purchase to give your dealership an idea of what you are looking for. New models usually come with a warranty and extra features, but pre-owned vessels can be in just such a good shape. Depending on your budget, you’ll be able to purchase the right one for your needs. 

Different Type of Boat

First, you have to determine what kind of vessel you’d like to purchase. In Brisbane, it has become quite popular to purchase a boat for the pure joy of enjoying it in a recreational sense. But some people have also purchased it for other reasons. 

Before visiting the dealership, you should know the answers to the following questions: 

  • How many people do you want the vessel to host? 
  • Do you have the relevant towing equipment? i.e. trailer and vehicle
  • Where will you be storing it? 
  • Where will you be sailing it? 
  • How will the vessel’s size influence storage costs? 
  • How much fuel does the type of boat need for a day on the water?
  • Consider costs for licensing and other certification needed to be able to operate the vessel in Brisbane

Learn more about different types of boats in this article

Test Drives

Just like with a car, you should definitely get the opportunity to take your potential purchase out for a spin. If you are a serious buyer, you can ask for a test drive from the right dealership. 

Consider the horsepower and how comfortable you feel while steering it. Remember that during the test drive it might only be you and the salesman, but will you still like it if your family and friends were on board?

The Right Dealership

orange and white boat on brown soil near body of water during daytime

In the same way you are picky about a car dealership, you should be about your boat dealership. Experienced salesmen know exactly what kind of boats fit perfectly into your repertoire. Whether you are into speeding or cruising, you need someone who understands your needs and budget. 

There are many things to take into account, like how much time you have available for maintenance, how many times a year you’ll be using it, and for what you’ll be using it. Talking to the right people will give you relevant insight to ensure you don’t buy above your means. 

Most likely, you won’t use your vessel that much during winter months. The right dealership can help you with affordable storage options during times that you won’t be using it. 

Safety and Security

When you go on boating adventures, it’s important that you are in a vessel that provides the utmost safety. Do consider important safety and security features on the boat to make sure you have all the tools needed in case of an emergency. 

In some cases, the safety kit has to be purchased separately. Make sure from the dealership whether you have one included or not. 

When you have found the boat of your dreams, don’t delay. Close the deal and sign the papers. Make sure you have insurance, registration, and licensing before embarking onto the ocean waters.