5 Ways to Style Summer Dresses

5 Ways to Style Summer Dresses

Everyone loves to wear a summer dress when the weather allows, but sometimes it can feel like you’ve run out of ways to wear it. Luckily we’ve put together this list to help you put together the perfect summer outfit.

  1. With sports shoes

The summer dress can be worn a hundred different ways, so we thought we’d start off with one of the fun options which is pairing it with some sporty shoes. A simple pair of white sneakers with a patterned dress can create a lovely quirky look, or a block colour dress can create a really impactful and unusual look when paired with some more jazzy sportswear like badminton shoes, which often come in a range of exciting patterns and colours. While this isn’t a look for a date or nice event, it can be a great way to enjoy a casual summer vibe for a day by the river or exploring on holiday.

  1. With denim jackets

A tried and tested combination is the summer dress and the denim jacket; something about this style just works. But you can mix it up even within this combo – a summer dress with an oversized, dark denim jacket creates a grungy and unusual look, whereas pairing it with a cropped or fitted light coloured denim jacket creates a more preppy and put together look. The denim jacket world is your oyster!

  1. With heels

If you really want to dress up a summer dress then the best thing you can do is dress it up with a pair of heels. For an evening look a pair of elegant stilettos will be a great combination, or for an elegant yet relaxed style in the daytime pair your summer dress with a fun pair of rope wedges. You can’t go wrong with this combination!

  1. With an updo

Summer dresses are a wonderful look, but whether they look beachy or elegant depends pretty heavily on how you do your hair. Wearing a summer dress with your hair down loose is a lovely look but very casual, whereas the right summer dress with an elegant updo can be perfect for a lunch date or even a wedding if you play your cards right. Updos with artful face framing fronds can also frame your face beautifully, making you look every inch the summer belle!

  1. Over a turtleneck

Don’t you hate it when you have those summer dresses that you love but that juts have to sit in the wardrobe for half of the year? Well luckily there is a way to make them work in the colder months. While it depends on the cut of the dress – for example, a plunge neckline wouldn’t work – a great trick is to wear a summer dress over a thin turtleneck and some tights and boots. Just like that, you’ve transformed your light summer dress into a cosy winter look!

A hot day is the perfect time to wear that summer dress you’ve been waiting to crack out all year, but depending on the day you’re going to want to style it differently. We know style choices are hard – but hopefully something on this list helps you find the look you’re searching for!