5 Ways To Manage Difficult Emotions

5 Ways To Manage Difficult Emotions

Even once we’ve reached adulthood, it isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to manage our emotions successfully. However, we do recognise that it isn’t okay to make our own emotions and issues everyone else’s problem. So, it’s important to find ways that work for us individually that allow us to successfully keep a handle on our emotions.

  1. Impactful physical activity

One of the best ways to let out physical tension is to engage in some kind of physical activity, and when trying to let out difficult emotions it’s best to do something impactful. So for example, something where you get to hit a ball, hit the pavement, or even hit a punching back – all these are great, healthy ways to let out aggression. So if you’re dealing with difficult emotions, crack out your old Playing Text, punching bag or running shoes and see how much better it makes you feel.

  1. Writing

Sometimes we struggle with difficult emotions because we don’t truly understand where they are coming from, and feel like we can’t articulate them to ourselves or others. A great way to deal with this kind of emotional blockage is to write about it – though you may feel stilted at first, eventually things will start to flow and you’ll find yourself venting to the blank page before you know it. Some people even find it helpful to write letters addressed to those they’re angry at; once you’ve written the message, you can set fire to it and symbolically release your anger!

  1. Meditating

Though the image that immediately comes to mind is that of a buddhist monk saying ‘om’ while in the lotus position, there are plenty of different ways to meditate and it’s likely that you will find one that works well for you if you fancy giving it a try. If you don’t like silence some background noises or even music are totally acceptable, and if you find it hard to close your eyes, staring at something mesmerising like a fire can be really helpful. Meditation allows our bodies to relax and our minds to recentre, helping us to process and deal with emotions as well as supposedly improving your outlook on life in general with consistent sessions.

  1. Creativity

Creative activities are absolutely overflowing with benefits. As well as simply being a great opportunity for us to express a side of ourselves that we perhaps normally put to one side, engaging in creative activities keeps your mind engaged and can help you to get your idea juice flowing in other areas of your life. Additionally, being creative for example painting or drawing, can help you to work through difficult emotions. Either it allows you to express them through your medium of choice, or alternatively the activity is so absorbing that it allows you to take a break from consciously dealing with your emotions and allow your subconscious mind to handle it.

Dealing with our emotions, especially difficult ones, is a never ending task – but one that it’s important we work to understand to ensure we are a force for good in our loved ones’ lives rather than a stressor. Hopefully one of the ideas on this list will help you to process your emotions more easily!