5 Ideas To Start a YouTube Channel

5 Ideas To Start a YouTube Channel

Being a YouTuber definitely isn’t as easy as it might look – if you want to succeed, you have to be prepared to really grind at self promotion, as well as doing everything from writing and recording to editing and promoting all your content yourself at the beginning of your career. Annoyingly, the ‘easy bit’ of deciding what your channel should be about isn’t simple either – it can be really hard to keep the perspective you need to evaluate what you can contribute to the YouTube world and create a successful channel out of.

  1. A beauty channel

You may think that the market for beauty channels is oversaturated – and in some ways, it is. If you just want to do yet another channel recommending different products, then you will get lost in the mud. However, what the best beauty YouTubers really sell is their personality and lifestyle – if you can portray your personality in your videos, then your audience will be drawn to your uniqueness. So if you’re outgoing and expressive, lean into that; if you’re more like Wednesday with a cynical sense of humour, make that your best selling feature. Get ready with me videos with a bit of personality are a great way to connect with your audience.

  1. An adventure channel

Is there something exciting or unusual that you’re really good at? As the numerous parkour channels you can track down on YouTube attest,  people love watching people on their adventurous pursuits. Whether they are trying to learn the skill themselves and are watching the videos for inspiration or just enjoy watching someone strut their stuff, you could achieve your dream of a successful YouTube channel by doing something like showing off your stunt scooter tricks, creating trail running compilations, or climbing videos. The adventurous world is your oyster!

  1. A travel channel

Travel based content is perennially popular – people love to see new destinations and learn about different cultures. If you love to travel and explore and can put your own unique spin on the tried and tested content, you can’t fail. And you don’t have to travel internationally – if you know any secret gems in your local area or can tell interesting stories about destinations that mean a lot to you, this can be equally popular as well.

  1. Arts and crafts channel

Arts and crafts channels give you a double opportunity, both to show off your creations and to teach others your skill. People love looking at others’ inventive creations as it is soothing and inspiring, and the appetite for people to learn arts and crafts skills is greater than ever. So whether you’re a painter, an expert knitter, a dressmaker, or any other kind of artist, why not use your talents to set up your dream YouTube channel?

  1. Expertise…

Is there an area you’re an expert in, and could contribute your knowledge to wider conversations? Videos like ‘Doctor reacts’ or ‘body language expert reacts’ are incredibly popular, especially when they are made relevant to current events – so if you have an expert area, and you like keeping on the button with current events, then you could have a successful channel on your hands.

Starting a YouTube channel with a solid idea behind it is a fantastic start to doing well, and hopefully this list has helped you do that – now the work really starts!