5 Precious Tips to Improve Your YouTube Marketing

Avid YouTube marketers have two things they focus on, which are outstanding quality and frequent content. Other than that, the best of them have a couple of tricks up their sleeves as to why they have so many visitors on their channel. In this list, we have selected the sure-fire ways for you to get many audiences.

While looking for other tips elsewhere, you will more than likely stumble upon some black hat SEO strategies to get viewers. However, the said tips do not offer much for a long-term strategy. Furthermore, Google frowns upon the said strategies and will hurt your page sooner rather than later. It is every so often said, getting to the top is not difficult, but staying on top is the hard part. Without further ado, let us look at the five valuable tips to improve your YouTube marketing today and well into the future.

  1. Implement Targeted Keywords

It is a well-known fact that Google owns YouTube. YouTube looks at how your page is set up, who wants to view it, and how relevant the content is to your viewers just like Google. Therefore, you have to know your audience and give them what they need. It is best to focus on specific niches while broadcasting your content.

Besides, your viewers will know what to expect when visiting your page. Sticking to a niche does not limit your content. In a niche, there are many sub-niches (keywords) under it. It makes no practical sense for someone to identify your channels focuses on something, and then find you talking about a dissimilar thing another day. Stick to keywords relevant to your niche so as to rank better in searches.

  1.  Thumbnails

Thumbnails are an often overlooked way to increase clicks to your video on YouTube. Many YouTubers do not even know one can change how the thumbnails look. When one is looking at a list of options on YouTube, thumbnails give you an impression of what you expect to get when you click on the video. Always upload a custom image, with large text where people will get a sneak preview. You could get in touch with Quantum Marketer for more details.

There are many similar videos on YouTube to yours, and thumbnails go a long way into making your content appear captivating. Someone is likely to click on a link with a thumbnail containing at least a text of what is about to happen, than a snapshot, with nothing to express.

  1.  Call to action

Engage your YouTube viewers, by reminding them to comment and subscribe to your channel to get similar quality content regularly. You have to get the balance right though since you do not want to sound overbearing. A good call to action works well at the end of a video or subtly inside your presentation.

Also, add video end cards after each clip, relevant to what is in the main content. The more people subscribe to your channel, the more likely others will. Also encourage your audience to engage, and ask questions. You might even get an idea for which content your viewers want later.  

  1. Quality backlinks

Market your YouTube channel to and from other sources. For example, add a link to your channel on other websites, if you believe your video is appropriate. On the other hand, if you have a substantial social media following, encourage followers to view a video you posted on YouTube.

A video that is relevant to the context of the information spoken about on the social media site is crucial. If you trick viewers to watch a video on YouTube, they will probably glance at it for a few seconds, frown, and close the page. YouTube recognizes the time taken and punishes your ranking accordingly. YouTube loves outside links by appreciating your efforts and places you higher in the search results.

  1. Captions and subtitles

The main way searches work is through text. Even Google converts audio searches to text to understand it better. It is only fitting to add subtitles to your videos so that search sites have an easier time finding the keywords in your video. Another advantage is that your viewers have an option to watch your content on mute. Besides, if you are short on time, many videos and audio captioning sites are offer this essential service at a small fee.