Depression and Anxiety- Can Kratom be used as a treatment?

Kratom, a leafy substance, is becoming increasingly popular as it can treat a number of types of ailments. Best known as a tropical tree of South Asia, its leaves or the leaf extracts are extremely beneficial. It can be used to form various tablets that help treat depression, stress, and even ailments related to anxiousness. 

This leafy structure has become immensely popular due to its vast number of  benefits. Many people are falling back on the use of Kratom when it comes to mental diseases. 

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Can Kratom eliminate depression and anxiety? 

According to research conducted in 2017, individuals who suffered from various anxiety and depression symptoms reported reduced symptoms with Kratom’s constant use in their daily life. 

Again, a similar study was conducted the following year, which proved Kratom’s effectiveness on mental ailments, such as anxiety and depression. Patients suffering from the opioid disorder have benefited after they discovered Kratom as a substitute. 

Although there is some evidence for Kratom’s effectiveness, the FDA has not approved its use although it is used as a dietary supplement.

Experts have said that Kratom contains certain compounds, and as it comes in close contact with opioid receptors in the brain, it can result in pleasure and sedation in a human being. Another vital compound called Mitragynine works in the brain giving rise to a stimulant effect. 

When Kratom is used in low doses, it can provide a sense of energy in the users, while with moderate usage, it can give rise to a feeling of pleasure. With greater doses, the sedation effect might occur. 

What Is Kratom?

As mentioned, Kratom is a leafy plant used by some medical facilities to treat different types of depression. According to some researchers, Kratom is immensely beneficial, even though many scientists are not entirely sure about its effectiveness. 

Mitragynine, a compound present in Kratom is an alkaloid and it plays a significant role in the opioid receptors. Even though Kratom is not an opioid, opioid effects can be identified due to its structure. A person looking to buy Kratom can buy it in different forms, including capsules, gum, extracts, and powder. Kratom has several names, like ketum, biak, thom, and thang. The use of Kratom is not illegal but in some countries, like Thailand, Denmark, and Australia, there is a prohibition using this leafy substance. It has been found that some people take these leaves in dried or fresh forms. Some of them boil it and take it as a beverage. Some people prefer smoking it; however, smoking is not a widespread practice. 

Different Types

Kratom is available in different strains. Depending on the place of origin, Kratom is given different names. 

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