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Dealing With iPhone Issues

Apple was the first company to introduce smart technology to us back in 2008, and it has continued to dominate the market for the past 12 years. Once the blueprint for the first smart device was unveiled, soon several other tech companies started producing their own smart devices, but Apple’s popularity has remained undeterred, and if anything, has continued to inspire an almost cult-following, which is evident before every new launch because you will find a large queue of customers waiting and camping outside Apple stores the night before launch just so they can be amongst the first people who get the new device/phone on launch day. 

Apple has not disappointed either and it has continued to grow and expand its range of smart devices and offer new features that pave the way for other tech companies as well be it through Siri, Facial ID, smart touch technology, and so on. If you happen to be a devout iPhone user yourself, you probably cannot imagine switching over to some other smartphone company, and that is alright. Everyone is loyal to certain brands and if yours happens to be Apple, then that is good too. 

If you are currently own an iPhone or are looking to switch over to a new iPhone model, you must familiarize yourself with common problems that iPhone users have faced so that you can troubleshoot them or get the necessary repair work done accordingly. You can choose to get your iPhone XS repair done at official Apple resource centers, or you can find a reliable phone repair shop/service. 

  • Battery related issues have plagued iPhone users for a long time, and if anything, the phone’s battery appears to get worse with every new launch. Apple has since admitted to purposely slowing down the batteries of their older phone but they said that they had stopped the practice to quite an extent. In case you still notice problems with your battery, you can go to the Apple resource center and get it checked out, however, if it is not a fault on Apple’s end, you will have to get your iPhone’s battery replaced entirely. 
  • Connectivity issues are another problem that some iPhone users have faced, especially X and XS users, and Apple said that it was likely a bug and they did launch an update to fix that bug. However, if the problem persists after the update, we would strongly advise calling your service provider and seeing if there is a fault on their end because some service providers had trouble when it comes to compatibility with certain iPhone models. If that is not the problem either, you can try factory resetting your phone, and if that does not fix the issue either, then you will have to either have a repair shop look at it, or you will have to go to an official Apple store and have them examine the problem. 
  • If you are noticing that your iPhone is lagging, hanging, or is just taking a lot of time to process different input information at a time, then you might be dealing with a processing issue or a possible virus. You can scan your phone for viruses and if that does not fix the issue, then the problem might be in the processor. Of course, there is no way to verify this until you go to the repair shop and have a professional look at it. 
  • The white or black screen of death is something many iPhone users have faced, and this is basically when your screen becomes either completely white or black and is unresponsive regardless of what you do. You can connect your iPhone to your PC/Laptop and try to access your iPhone from there and try factory resetting your phone. If that does not work then you should take the iPhone to the repair store. In some cases the repair shop can fix the issue, however, a lot of times they are not able to do that and you just have to give up on that iPhone and have to get a new one. 
  • While the last few iPhone models are waterproof, they are still not meant to be submerged in water. In case your phone has been in the water and you suspect water damage, please do not try to turn your iPhone on once it automatically shuts down. This is a safety mechanism used to protect the parts of the iPhone. Try to dry the phone as best as you can and then take the iPhone to the repair shop the next day and have the experts handle this because if you are not careful when dealing with water damage, you can end up with a permanently damaged iPhone and that is the last thing you want to have happened.