Happy Wife, Happy Life: Can BarxBuddy Really Stop Dog Barking and Restore Peace At Home?

A person holding a dog

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When there’s unrest in your home, there can be chaos in every area of your life. Not only is it important to have a happy wife to have a happy life, but if you have kids or pets, they can play a big role in how peaceful your home is. 

Unruly pets can be the most difficult to deal with and can cause the most chaos. If you have a dog that just won’t stop barking, you know how disruptive your home can feel. Excessive barking is a big problem for pet owners and can be even harder to manage. 

How can you train a dog to stop barking, when they’re acting out of control? That’s where the BarxBuddy anti-barking device comes into play. This dog training device is designed to help you train your dog at any time, even when they’re acting out of control. Yep, that even includes excessive barking that disrupts the peace in your home.

What is BarxBuddy?

The BarxBuddy anti-barking device is a dog training device that is designed to be used easily at home. It can be used in any training scenario, for any behavior your dog is exhibiting. BarxBuddy is sleek and handheld and works using an ultrasonic high-pitched tone.

How do you use BarxBuddy?

When your dog is acting out of control and exhibiting a behavior you want to train out of them, you grab your nearest BarxBuddy. When you press the button on the side, the BarxBuddy anti-barking device emits an ultrasonic tone. 

This noise is not audible to humans, and harmless to animals, but it does get your dog’s attention. When you have your dog’s attention, you then have the perfect training opportunity.

At this point, BarxBuddy recommends having your dog sit still for a few moments, until they’re calm and attentive. Once they’ve wound down, you can reward their good behavior with positive reinforcement, like their favorite treat or a scratch on the head.

What are some of the perks of BarxBuddy?

There are plenty of perks to using BarxBuddy to stop dog barking and restore peace at home. Firstly, BarxBuddy is a much more affordable option than dog behavioral classes. 

Typically, you need to at least attend a handful of these classes, and usually, it can be much more than just a few. The cost of these classes can quickly add up, making it an unexpected expense.

BarxBuddy is also simple enough that every member of your family can use it, keeping the training consistent and regular. This means that whoever is around when your dog starts barking out of control can take the reign on the training. 

If only one person is leading the training, but everyone else in the home isn’t following through, this can be confusing for your dog, and make it harder for training to stick.

The BarxBuddy dog training device is also small and portable, and it’s designed to be brought along where ever you and your dog go. BarxBuddy is great to take on walks and in the car, and you can leave them in different locations around the house, so there’s always a BarxBuddy nearby when you need it.