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What tech does your laptop need for iGaming?

Ensure your laptop keeps up with iGaming technology to maintain the best gaming experiences online.

In recent times, there have been some seismic improvements to the way in which online casinos operate. The iGaming industry has become ever more sophisticated, with its games now far more engaging and immersive than before. Now, they firmly rival land-based casinos for their accessibility and enjoyment. In the U.K. alone, iGaming now accounts for more than a third (35 percent) of the nation’s gambling market, and this market share shows no signs of abating.

There are positive health factors surrounding casino gaming, too. You might be surprised to know that playing strategic card games, such as poker and blackjack, can help to boost brain function and delay the onset of degenerative brain illnesses. So, with iGaming technology continually evolving, it’s critical to know the kind of hardware your laptop needs to keep up with iGaming operators and ensure you get the best possible casino experience online.

Processors and Internal RAM

As technology moves ever so quickly, it’s crucial that your laptop or desktop has an operating system, a processor and enough storage space to operate your preferred iGaming titles without interruption or diminished gaming experience. As a rule, most tech bods would recommend that you have a Pentium 4 processor or an equivalent that operates to at least 2.0 GHz or more.

And though most integrated graphics cards within laptops still suffice for most casino table games and video slots, the key, however, for reliable operation of your graphics card is enough internal RAM. Ideally, your laptop needs at least 1GB of internal RAM, but 2-4GB of internal RAM would be even better — especially if you prefer playing live-streamed games managed by human dealers and croupiers.

How to Ensure Your Laptop is VR-Ready

It’s also worth noting that many iGaming platforms now incorporate virtual reality (VR) iGaming options to their portfolio of games. In early 2017, Swedish iGaming software developers NetEnt confirmed their development of the world’s inaugural VR online slot game. Of course, laptop-based iGamers need to invest in dedicated VR hardware to play these new games, with VR headsets, such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, proving exceptionally popular.

If you plan on hooking up your brand-new VR headset to your laptop, ideally, you need to have at least the Windows 7 Source Pack 1 operating system installed or newer. You also need substantially more internal RAM to power the VR headset. The best gaming laptops available in 2018 usually have at least 8GB of RAM. You could also hook up an external high-powered graphics card to your laptop to provide your laptop with the acceleration it needs to play VR casino games reliably in the years ahead.

As VR iGaming platforms are likely to proliferate fast in the coming months, now is a good time to invest in your iGaming hardware and consider buying a gaming laptop if you don’t already own one. Keep your laptop and accessories ahead of the game to maintain the best possible iGaming experience from the comfort of your home.