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The Most Extreme Home Gaming Set-ups

A good gamer is always anxious to set up their own complete gaming station, working for the right specifications for their own personal tastes. But even the most brilliant and experienced gamer needs to know which brands are the hottest, what their specs are like, and what kind of hardware is now on the market.

While rigging a personal gaming setup tends to be pricey and can take a good chunk of time out of a month or two, it’s worth it to the dedicated gamer because of the beautiful and elegant performance that naturally comes from a hand-crafted gaming setup. Mass produced setups may cost less and the packaging may look more professional, but their capacity and sustainability are nowhere near what can be achieved by putting a gaming set together as an artisan project. The good news is that there are components for the individual setup that are still friendly to a small budget.

The best mini gaming PC is probably the Asus ROG Strix Z370-I. It features M.2 and PCH support.

For power supply use a Silverstone SFX, series SX-600G.

Use an Intel Core, obviously — their 8600 K series works best for mid-level and above gaming.

The only processor worth using is an Intel Core i5 – 7600 Ks.