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5 cool tech Canadian innovations in healthcare

It’s 2019, and we’re ready to get our health on track.  Technology has always brought forth easier ways to improve medical care, encourage greater health, and provide wider access to medical and health knowledge, every single year.  But in 2019, we’ve got some even more innovative and far-reaching new technology that’s rapidly bringing us to even better places when it comes to health. From artificial intelligence in pharma to big data, smart automation and everything in between, there’s a lot to get excited about in the healthcare space this year.

Let’s take a look at five of the most up-to-date, innovative, and forward-thinking healthcare apps in Canada:

  1.     PrescribeIT:

To start us off on the right foot and with the right medications, we’ve got PrescribeIT, a dispensary software to be used by pharmacies to help distribute medications to patients.  From the patient perspective, it helps automatically process refills and bill patients, and it contacts them when those prescriptions need to be refilled. For the pharmacy, the benefits are even bigger, from helping count and package mediations, to maintaining patient records, and provide ease with a business management system. Without the need to focus on a lot of these details, pharmacies can now focus more on patient care and less on orders, management, and updates.

  1.     MedChart:

Sometimes we move, sometimes we change insurances and as a result, doctors, or sometimes it’s an emergency and you need to head to the nearest hospital, but whatever it may be, we generally don’t see the same doctor our entire lives. While a normal records request can take two to three weeks, MedChart enables both patients as well as authorized third parties to gain access to a patient’s medical records online.  It not only makes the process more efficient and saves time and money for both the patient and health provider, but it also allows for better care by cutting down on process time and allowing for an easier access to records from one facility to another.

  1.     TryCycle Data Systems:

With growing opioid addiction rates, TryCycle Data Systems focuses on helping addicts by establishing a three-step, digital support system. Completed in three steps, this app provides a monitoring service by including a self-assessment survey to act as an alert system to detect certain destructive patterns or behaviors, an algorithm to detect behaviors and establish an evidence-based course of action, and a dashboard system for communication between patient and their practitioner.

  1.     Artificial Intelligence:

Increasing efforts to find treatments or cures or procedures for some of the most serious illnesses in the world has become a significant area of focus in the Canadian Healthcare system. With well over four thousand clinical trials in process, professionals are hoping to make leaps and bounds when it comes to solving many of these dangerous health matters. From specialized surgeries, to ideal trial selection, to analyzing health data, over healthcare AI is predicted to show even bigger improvements in the overall system. It’s now super clear that artificial intelligence in the pharmaceutical space will play a huge role in 2019.

  1.     GOeVisit SmartExam

If you’re constantly on the go, or struggle to get time off work to make it to a doctor’s appointment, GOeVisit eliminates the need for you find time to make an appointment and see a professional.  With the app downloaded, users can type in their symptoms just after taking an introductory interview, and are then sent a diagnosis and treatment plan, all from an actual, licensed medical practitioner in Canada. No waiting room and a quick diagnosis, and you’re on the way to a healthier you.

Whether it’s easier access to records, a quick diagnosis, or clear and relevant information, there’s a wealth of healthcare technology and innovations quickly bringing an ease of access to you. Make 2019 the year you work on taking advantage of what’s available for users in Canada.

This article comes from JGBilling, a medical billing Chicago agency