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5 Healthy Snacks For Active Athletes

Being an excellent athlete means that you take good care of your body.  Your body is your tool for success, and your abilities can only go so far without the proper fuel.  

The main course meals that fill your day, don’t always fill your tummy throughout the day.  It’s good to know what foods are helpful to your body when it’s snack time.  

Take a few moments to read through a brief list of healthy snacks for active athletes, and make sure you’re getting all the fuel your body needs to compete and succeed.  

For the crunchy chip sensation

Eating a bag of potato chips before a big game is not a good idea.  They may taste delicious, but chips don’t offer much in the way of fuel or nutrition for your body.  

Instead, try eating a bag of pretzels.  The crunch of a pretzel is preserved through nitrogen generation just like potato chips, so you’ll still get the satisfaction of popping open the bag.  However, pretzels don’t come with the saturated fat content of typical potato chips.  

Fresh fruits are always good

Fresh fruit like apples or banana slices is always a great go-to snack.  Apples are great for the vitamins and nutrients they provide your body.  

Bananas contain potassium to help get the best work out of your muscles.  Mixing either or both of these fruits with a big scoop of peanut butter makes for an even more well-rounded healthy snack.  

Grab a hardy trail mix

Trail mix offers a range of health benefits and a quick shot of power for your body.  Nuts are great for your body’s energy production.  Just make sure you’re not getting too much sugar added in the mix.  

Try getting a trail mix that has yogurt and dried fruits in the mix, rather than purchasing a mix that has M&Ms or other candies.  Added sugars can quickly turn a healthy snack into a nightmare.  

Peanut butter on whole-grain bread

Peanut butter is one of an athlete’s most power-packed snack options.  When you couple it with whole-grain bread, you get iron alongside your protein.  

A couple pieces of peanut butter toast will have you pepped up in no time.  However, you should always consider your portions.  Too much of anything can be detrimental to your health.  

Turkey or tuna on crackers

Another power-packed snack athletes can enjoy guilt-free is turkey slices or tuna on crackers.  Again, iron and protein are the main boosters of these snack items to assure your body has the energy and stamina it needs to perform.  

In close, make sure you also have a healthy drink alongside your chosen snack.  Water is always a good choice, but certain sport drinks may also be beneficial.