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How To Deal With A Spouse That Has A Substance Abuse Problem

Dealing with a spouse that has developed a substance abuse problem can be one of the hardest things an individual has to deal with during their lifetime. Substance abuse has ended quite a few marriages if one party simply wasn’t willing to get help or change. There are other marriages that have ended with one party never admitting their drug or alcohol use was ever a problem. Being supportive during alcohol recovery can be difficult as you do love your spouse but you will not love them to death by enabling them. The following are tips to deal with a spouse that you suspect has a substance abuse problem.

Tell Them You Are Concerned Or Notice Something Becoming A Problem

An arrest is an easy way to tell that substance abuse is becoming a problem for your spouse. Seeking a professional for legal help like the Law Office of Dattan Scott Dattan is imperative if there has been a drug arrest. Many great criminal defense lawyers will make a deal with the prosecutor for a first offense which will require rehabilitation and counseling for a drug problem. This can be the help that your spouse needs or the wakeup call that allows them to see their actions are becoming destructive to their life.

Help Them Identify Triggers

There could be triggers that cause your spouse to drink or use drugs. This could be talking with their abusive parents or after they have had a long day at work. Avoiding these triggers can be a huge help as many people turn to substance abuse to help cope with daily life. There can be people that are triggers too so make sure to limit contact with them. Limiting triggers during the first few months of sobriety can help an addict stay in recovery with a longer sober time.

Do Not Enable Them Financially

The tough part about an addict is when they ask for money you have no idea if it is going where they say it is or it is going to purchase drugs or alcohol. Asking for receipts if a bill needs to be paid can deter your spouse from asking you for money. A spouse that is constantly out of money and is asking for more can be a sign of some kind of addiction. Gambling is another addiction where people will lie, steal, and cheat in order to try to break even or hit the big jackpot.

An Intervention Might Be Necessary

An intervention might be the only hope for your spouse to accept treatment for their substance abuse problem. Reach out to family and friends that you trust will not tell your spouse. The only thing that you are doing is trying to help them live a safer life and extend their lives. Commonly there is going to be one party whether it is a friend or family member that insists there is no problem. Provide evidence to the contrary so everyone understands the gravity of the situation.

As you can see there are things that you can do to help your spouse but you will not be able to help them if they do not want the help or reject the notion that they have a problem.