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Hiking During Hunting Season- How To Stay Safe Outdoors

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, the hiking season probably never ends for you. The wild beckons you throughout the year, and you will want to step outdoors every time there are a couple of days to spare. But when it comes to timing, hunting season may not be the safest time for hikers and campers. Trails will be more crowded than you expect, and you may even hear about a mishap or two with shooters going wrong with their aim. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay indoors during these months. Taking a few safety precautions keeps you safe during your hiking excursion, even when there are guns and bullets around. Let us list the ones you must follow. 

Carry the right safety gear

You will probably have a hiking checklist on your tips if you do it frequently. But there is a need to go the extra mile with essential safety gear if you plan a trip during hunting season. Ballistic protection is a must-have as it lets you stay safe amid unruly bullets flying around. You can check to pick body armor that offers adequate protection and perfect fit. You will need a piece that isn’t too heavy to restrict movement, so choose one with care.

Be visible and audible

Hikers and hunters need to be visible in the wild because it can save them from mishaps. Fortunately, you need not do much to do it. Wearing neon-orange clothing is highly noticeable, so there is no chance that a hunter will miss you while taking the aim. Some states even require you to wear these colors outdoors. It is best to check your hiking wardrobe and pick some bright neon pieces if you plan to embark on a trek at this time of the year. It is equally vital to be audible when outdoors during the busy season. Avoid solo trips and travel with a group because it makes you more visible and audible.

Be informed and aware

As a rule of thumb, every outdoor enthusiast must be informed and aware of the perils they may encounter while hunting or even hiking or camping. It is best to find out about the hunting season dates from the local wildlife department. You can do some research online on body Armor and other safety essentials you have to carry when hunters are around. Talking to experienced hikers also helps to get some practical safety tips for avoiding danger in the wild. 

Stick to popular trails

Another useful piece of advice for hikers who want to be outdoors during hunting season is to pick only popular and well-used trails. Hunters often steer clear of such trails because they are crowded. Also, choose the timing wisely because hunters are more likely to be active at a certain time of the day. Dawn and dusk are risky periods as wildlife is active and visibility is low. 

Hiking during hunting season requires some extra safety precautions, but they are worth taking. You can have a good time in the wild without having to worry about accidents and risks.