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What Type of Firewood Should You Use When Cooking Pizzas?

The smoke point of firewood varies depending on the species. The highest smoke point is for oak, cherry, and maple. These woods have natural oils that prevent them from drying out when burned. If you love pizza, you’ve probably experimented with different types of wood and methods. Here’s what you should know about every kind of wood. Read on to learn more about firewood and its use to make delicious pizzas.


If you want your pizza to come out with a slightly charred crust, you need to choose the right type of wood for your fire. A pizza oven requires high burning temperatures, so managing these temperatures is important. Hardwoods tend to burn more slowly, and the wood usually emits a pleasant smell. However, softwoods can be difficult to manage, producing a lot of smoke and creating excessive smoke.

Cherry wood

If you’re using a wood-burning oven, you may wonder which type of firewood is best for the oven. Oak and mesquite are two popular choices, but there are many others. Oak is a more expensive wood and produces a more even burn. Both are great choices for cooking pizza. If you want to save money, you can use mesquite. But be careful, this type of wood burns hot and fast, and you’ll have to watch it carefully.


There are many types of wood for your pizza oven, but how to know which is best? Different types of wood have different characteristics and can produce completely different flavors. Some woods, such as pecan, lend themselves better to cooking meat-centric pies, while others are better suited to hearty vegetable toppings. Hickory is a popular choice among pizza lovers, but it can overpower the flavors of other foods. To get the best flavor, use a combination of various types of wood for the perfect pizza.


One of the most important things to consider when using a wood-burning pizza oven is its firewood. The type of wood you use will affect the taste and aroma of your pizza. Different woods have varying tastes and complement different foods. In addition, using one or two pieces of wood will take less time to heat the oven.


How to know what firewood to use when you’re cooking pizza? Of course, you can’t just guess, but you should have a general idea of what your oven needs. Firewood that’s generic or not identified, or even seasoned wood, probably won’t work as well as seasoned wood. While this may work fine for a fireplace or campfire, it’s unlikely to produce the best results for your pizza oven.


Choosing the right wood for your pizza oven is critical. The wood you use will determine your pizza’s texture, taste, and cooking time. Many people don’t give this task enough attention, but choosing the right wood for a pizza oven is vital. You must cook your pizza at a high temperature. Therefore, the wood you choose should be dense and dry, as it will provide the heat necessary for cooking a pizza.


Hickory is the most common and hottest of the various types of wood you can burn to cook pizzas. Often used for frying and cooking, hickory is also easily available and is an excellent choice for making pizzas. Most varieties of hickory are native to the eastern United States. These woods burn similarly and provide the same type of flavor. As a result, many chefs choose a combination of both types for their pizza baking and cooking needs. Generally speaking, though, hickory and oak are the best woods to use when cooking pizzas.