Don’t Ragequit! What to Do if Your PS4 Won’t Turn On

Sony’s PS4 has just celebrated its fifth anniversary. Since 2013 when PS4 came out, more than 86 million PS4 units have been sold.

There have been 11 major system updates to date. But sometimes that’s not enough to prevent the PS4 blue light of death.

A pulsing blue light on your console is a sure sign of a fault error. Read on to learn what you can do when your PS4 won’t turn on.

Re-Insert the Power Cable

One of the first things you should try when your PS4 is not turning on is to reconnect the power cable. This can clear whatever issues your gaming console has encountered.

First, unplug the power cable from the back of the PS4. Wait at least 30 seconds. Yes, it’s hard to wait but if you don’t this trick might not work.

After 30 seconds or more, re-insert the power cable into the back of the PS4.

Now, push the power button to see if your console will turn on. If it worked, great! If not, keep trying the following suggestions.

Insert a Disk into the PS4

If your PS4 is not turning on, one way to reboot the system is by inserting a disk. When you insert a disk, the PS4 automatically registers the disk and turns on.

But this usually only works if there isn’t already a disk in the drive. You don’t need to push a disk all the way in. Just press the disk in slowly and watch to see if the PS4 turns on.

If it works, your PS4 should now work as well as usual. If it doesn’t work, or if you already have a disk in the console, try the next method.

Rebuild Your PS4 Database

The good people who designed the PS4 added a feature that allows you to scrub the data on your console to allow for a fresh start.

If you’re dealing with the PS4 blue light of death, this may be the only way to fix the problem.

First, connect your PS4 controller to the console via a USB cable. Then, hold the power button on your console until you hear two beeps. Once you hear the second beep, let go of the power button.

Your PS4 will now be in safe mode. You’ll see a black screen with several options you can choose from.

Cool right? There are a bunch of cool things you can do with your PS4.

Use your controller to scroll down and select number five: “rebuild database”. This process may take a while. But when it’s complete, your PS4 should be as good as new.

Fix HDMI Syncing

Sometimes the PS4 blue light of death is due to an issue with the HDMI cable syncing to your console.

If you’ve tried all the other options and still have no luck, here’s how to fix a PS4 that won’t turn on.

Start by turning off the PS4. There should be no blue light once the console is totally off.

Next, unplug all the cables that are connected to your console. Yup, all of them. The power, HDMI, USB cable – all of them.

Then plug in just the power cable and press the power button until you hear the second beep. The blue light should now turn white. If it doesn’t the rest of the steps won’t work for your PS4.

If your light is white at this point, plug in the HDMI cable. TUrn on the TV and with any luck, you’ll see the PlayStation main menu.

If your PS4 won’t turn on still, there’s nothing more you can do. You’ll have to order a replacement part or have your console serviced.

Call Sony for a Replacement PS4

Sony might be able to send you a replacement PS4. Yet, this depends on you having your receipt. Sony’s limited hardware warranty for the PS4 is only good for one year from the original date of purchase.

If you’ve purchased your PS4 within the last year, contact Sony. Have your serial number and PS4 model number handy.

Be prepared for a long wait time when you contact Sony’s customer service line. You will need to explain the issue you are having. Sony’s rep may talk you through some of the above methods before agreeing to send a replacement product.

Sony retains the right to repair or replace the console. Either way, you’ll have a fully functioning gaming console pretty soon.

If your PS4 is older than 12 months, there is still one more option that is less expensive than purchasing a new PS4.

Have Your PS4 Serviced

If you’ve tried all these methods with no luck you are probably getting frustrated. You’re wondering why won’t my PS4 turn on?

Remember, the PS4 is made up of various components. If just one of them fails, your PS4 won’t turn on. If this is the case, it’s time to get professional help.

A specialized tech repair shop can find the problem and repair or replace the part that is causing problems. Just be sure to choose a reputable tech center with certified technicians.

View here to learn about gaming console repair.

Final Thoughts on When PS4 Won’t Turn On

Your friends at All Green Electronics Recycling hope this guide on what to do when your PS4 won’t turn on has helped you solve your problem with your console.

When your PS4 is back in working order, rejoice and get back to gaming!

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