5 Awesome Things You Can Do With Your PlayStation 4

Get a hold of the leading game console in the market these days! PlayStation 4 is a cutting-edge entertainment device that is packed with special features and great specifications. Your gaming experience will definitely be one for the books.

Engage with your family, friends, and the community like never before with PlayStation 4. Apparently, Sony offers a huge array of games to all PlayStation users. There are plenty of stuff you can do with your device, so better make the most of it.

Listed below are a few things you can do with your PlayStation 4 that you might not know about:

PS4 can take screenshots for video sharing

Since taking screenshots has been a pastime of many people these days, you can do it, too, with your PS4. Try taking a screenshot by simply pressing the Share button on your controller and you will see a sub-menu of the Sharing and Broadcast Settings. Then click Share button control type, Easy Screenshots, to capture whatever you like. From there, you can start sharing it through your Facebook or Twitch account.

PS4 has a USB compatibility with game saves

Transfer all your game saves to a USB stick and start playing anywhere. In case you don’t want to pay for PlayStation Plus’ cloud-saving services, then this is the best thing to do. Just plug the USB into your device and go to Settings and check the Application Saved Data Management under the Storage menu. After that, you will see the option to copy to the USB device and take them wherever you go.

PS4 has a standby mode

Good thing, PS4 has a standby mode! There is no need to wait around with your whole system turned on because you can put in on a standby mode. Activate the Standby Mode by simply holding down the Home button and choosing that option. You can download your games without wearing down your device.

PS4 can boost your games

In case you own a PS4 Pro, you can boost your games. There is a Boost Mode feature in this device that enhances performance on older games. The perks of this feature are shorter loading times, smoother gameplay, higher frame rates, and faster clock speeds. How cool is that, right?

PS4 offers color coding on the Dual Shock 4

Have you noticed that Sony made a color-coded bar above the Dual Shock 4 controller? Well, that is not just for show. It definitely looks great, but it is not just all about the appearance. It provides PlayStation Move-like motion capability for those who want to incorporate it into their games as well as matches up with in-game actions. Try playing Tomb Raider: Complete Edition and light up a torch, you will see that it turns bright red.

Get your PS4 Consoles from Harvey Norman today and take your gaming experience to a whole new level. Try these amazing things out to maximize its use and enjoy playing. You can never go wrong with a PlayStation device, so buy yours now!