Yamaha FZ6 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

The Yamaha FZ6 motorcycle is a fairly recent addition to Yamaha’s collection. It was first introduced in 2004 as a multi-purpose motorcycle that is perfectly suited for commuting, touring and even sport riding. It is a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts in the United States, but you need to keep it in fine condition with the proper Yamaha FZ6 aftermarket parts and accessories. You can find all the motorcycle riding gear online that you need, and the following aftermarket parts are perfectly suited for your vehicle.

Shorai LiFePO4 LFX Battery LFX18A1

Sooner or later, the battery in your motorcycle will die out. As long as you know the signs of a dying battery, you can replace it before you end up stranded on the side of the road. You need the Shorai LiFePO4 LFX Battery LFX18A1 to provide your bike with excellent voltage performance in a lighter package. It is an incredibly light battery, coming in at 1/5 the weight of other lead-acid batteries. With less weight on your bike, you can enjoy greater fuel efficiency. With a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, you can rest easy when you place your order.

BikeMaster Oil Filter

High-quality materials go into the development of the BikeMaster Oil Filter. It has been proven to outperform OEM filters. It provides a base plate, tough steel casing and maximum flow, so fluids can move throughout your bike with ease. In fact, this filter is made in the same factory as many other OEM filters, so you can trust the construction completely.

HJC IS-Max 2 Modular Helmet

All riders need high-quality motorcycle helmets. When you own a Yamaha FZ6, you would do well to acquire the HJC IS-Max 2 Modular Helmet. You can use it either as a full-face or open-face helmet by simply pushing a button. It features a retractable inner sun shield, so you can keep it down to maintain your visibility in the middle of the day and then lift it up when it gets dark out. It is lightweight and comes in an array of fantastic colors to match your usual wardrobe.

Dunlop SportmaxRoadsmart II Motorcycle Tire

Part of what makes the Dunlop SportmaxRoadsmart II Motorcycle Tire better than the competition is due to the redesigned tread pattern. You find this both on front and rear tires, and it leads to a longer shelf life. It provides amazing wet weather performance, so you can drive with peace of mind when you have to ride your motorcycle in the rain. It is also a more affordable option compared to other tires for this bike. You will also benefit greatly from the inclusion of silica in the design to deliver enhanced mileage.

You can find all of these aftermarket parts and plenty of others like them online. You can browse the selection for your particular motorcycle at your leisure and order replacement parts well in advance. That way if anything happens to your bike, you are ready to take it into the garage and do some work. An online motorcycle shop is waiting to help you stay prepared for anything that can happen on the road.