Rebrand Your Business without Losing Customers

Many businesses are eventually forced to rebrand following a period of growth. If you run one such business digital marketing can help you change your corporate image. Following are some digital marketing techniques, which can help your business rebrand, gain more visibility, thereby increasing the sales and gearing the business towards greater success.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines use algorithms to get the most relevant results for each search, including location and other available information. In search engine marketing, we see paid searches, which are sponsored ads at the top of search engine results pages or SERPs as well as on the side, intended to gain more visibility than organic results. 

Keywords play a massive role in ranking on search engines. With a strong SEO strategy in place, your business, service and product will rank higher for keywords associated with your brand, which in turn, will increase the online presence of your business. Not only will this generate more customers for you, it will help attract potential clientele, which quite obviously will play key role in further growth of your business endeavor.

When setting up an SEM campaign the marketer should:

  • Conduct keyword research related to their website or product
  • Identify a geographic location for the ad to be displayed within
  • Generate text-based ads to display in search results
  • Bid on a price for each click on their ad

With the fast changing digital environment, businesses need SEO strategies more than ever if they are to sustain desirable growth. The need of the times is to establish an online presence if you want your business to grow exponentially. So the prudent thing to do is benefit from the changing trends and gear your business to target a wider audience by rebranding it in line with contemporary norms.

Tweak Your Web Design

You have to attract customers. That’s where the money is. Simple. To do that your web design has to make an impression on your customers. Inefficient web design is one of the main causes behind a dwindling online presence. Your web design should be easy to navigate making it comfortable for customers to make a purchase – that is, if they stick around long enough. Even if they’re just browsing and don’t want to buy, it’s imperative the design elements are attractive enough to trigger a buying response. A badly designed website can upset your customers, which will affect your conversion rate. If you don’t know how the web design can be optimized, hiring a professional to make the necessary tweaks is probably what you need. So invest in one – someone who understands your new corporate image and your business intent well enough to reflect it in the design of your website.

Creating Online Press Releases

Newspapers, magazines, journals, websites and blogs create articles based on information presented by businesses in their press releases. This helps draw the attention of customers towards the service and/or product offered by a business. Press releases inform customers in a formal setting as to where a business may be headed and what its future plans are, thus leading to better positioning in the market.

Events and Contests – Effective Sources of Marketing

Holding online events and contests can go a long way in helping market your business. Giveaways and other offerings can be of great help because when someone who has connections tries your service or product and they like it, they will tell people. It’s called word of mouth and it’s the oldest form of advertising. You can invite an influencer to the event to offer your service or product. People will remember your service or product just by associating them with the giveaways, especially if it becomes a regular thing. Another effective strategy is to hold such events and contests during public holidays. If you’re holding a live online event, it can’t be stressed more that you have strong internet so you can provide round the clock updates for your audience. You should have ample bandwidth for an uninterrupted and lag-free connection – that is, if you don’t, get Cox Cable Internet in your area for 24/7 connectivity.

Maintain Multiple Blogs

Content writing is as important for SEO strategies as breathing is to us. It has become a trend for major companies large and small to maintain blogs so that they can connect with their customers. Consider maintaining more than one blog by assisting one another making for a more effective strategy. For instance, if you write about tennis, one of your blogs can be about tennis tournaments held in the world. A complementing blog can help your visitors find rackets, tennis balls, and nets and so on. The right content, at the right time can make all the difference in your success as a business owner. Keep your content updated and your audience will keep coming back.

Adopt Influencer Marketing

Influencers have taken the social media by storm. For that reason you should consider influencer marketing. By connecting with your audiences through influencers you increase chances of exposure for your brand, your work, your service or your product. An influencer endorsing your product can do wonders to help you boost your business by generating more sales through their followers. Similarly, you can collaborate with experts in your niche so you can be seen as an influencer too by association, which in turn can increase your online presence and boost the sales further. Another benefit of influencer marketing is that it’s cheaper than traditional marketing. 

Should You Hire a Specialist?

You have the option of hiring a professional if you’re new to internet marketing. With a professional’s help you can streamline your processes quicker than without. While it’s true that professionals have a cost associated with them what most people fail to understand is that an initial investment can help them save a lot of other expenses in the long run, for instance, when you run into problems of sorts. Not everyone is good at everything that is a fact. 

Rebranding implies your business’ upward growth. Change always requires effort and commitment but the results can be well worth it. So follow these digital marketing techniques and hopefully, you’ll soon reap the fruits of rebranding your business in the digital age.