10 Tips for Increasing Postcard Earnings

Are you looking for affordable yet efficient marketing solutions? Consider postcards as they can bring you a fortune when properly deployed. The following are the top 10 tips and tricks to increase your returns on investing in postcards.

1.      Refresh your mailing list

Have you checked out email addresses to ensure that they are valid and authentic? Consider updating the list with new subscribers while weeding out non-existent emails. When you send certified mail online, you reach real people while cutting down on expenditure.

2.      Tell the message repeatedly

People will not act on a message if it is said only once. Repeat it again and again until you literally drum it in their heads. As these are potential customers, repeat, tweak and otherwise refresh the messaging until they make a purchasing decision.

3.      Have things simple and easy to understand

A complicated postcard could put off potential customers. The human eye is easily overwhelmed by too many messages. Keep your postcard’s design simple. Let people understand what you are saying in a straightforward manner to trigger people’s attention and interest.

4.      Amplify your sales pitch

You might be proud of your brand and passionate about your business. However, customers will look beyond your logo. Design a sales pitch whose look and feel transcend your business proposition.

5.      Make the call to action urgent

You want people to order today. Therefore, heighten the urgency for your products or services. Phrases such as “limited supply” and “limited-time savings can inject a sense of urgency that was not there before.

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6.      Personalize the message

You may be sending these postcards to hundreds of potential customers. However, personalize each to address the needs of an individual. Including a person’s name is just the beginning of the personalization effect.

7.      Allow feedback

While your call to action is important, feedback from clients is just as significant. Tell postcard readers what to do after they take your desired action. Do you want them to make online orders, call your business, visit your store or scan a QR code? Let them know.

8.      Offer enough product bio

You want your business to look and feel professional. Include as much relevant info of your business as possible. Examples of crucial info are phone numbers, store physical address, email, and website.

9.      Make the use of color

Spend a little extra budget on full-color printing. While this will require you to dig deeper in your pockets, it will help your business to stand out from the competition. Bright photos, artworks, and graphics immediately attract the eyes of potential customers.

10.  Deploy an authentic postage stamp

Have you been sending standard printed postage stamps? Replace these with actual ones. The high quality introduces a sense of originality and authenticity that could greatly increase retention rates and readership.