The Best Video Interview Softwares and Platforms for Businesses

Online interviews are becoming more common as HR professionals are trying to maximize their time and expand their recruiting efforts. The average position gets about 250 resumes.

You can get highly-qualified candidates outside of your immediate area thanks to video technology. You can also maximize your time by weeding out unqualified candidates earlier in the hiring process.

The only way to truly get the most out an online interview is to get the best video interview software. Read on to find out the top platforms to conduct interviews online.

1. SparkHire

SparkHire is a good video interview software for a collaborative experience. If you need to work with multiple hiring managers to make a hiring decision, this can be a great option for you.

The candidate will have the interview on their own time, and you can send the results to the team for feedback.

2. Alcami Interactive

This video interviewing software is on this list for ease of use. It’s also a big time saver. Instead of slogging through the first round of interviews that take hours of your time, you can create your own on-demand interviews.

The candidates view the videos and answer questions. You then review the responses on your own time and narrow down the candidate pool further.

3. Montage

Montage offers a number of options for HR managers. You can start with assessments to get an understanding with a candidate’s skill set. You can then create interviews where candidates respond by text, video, or voice.

When it comes time to interview people in person or one-on-one, it’s easy. Scheduling is automated and you can interview candidates live via video or voice. For in-person interviews, you have branded videos that keep the employee engaged before you lose them to the competition.

4. The Applicant Manager

The Applicant Manager is the solution you want to manage the application process. It’s a good starter software to help small businesses manage new hires.

You can track where job postings are and the applicants who showed interest in one database. The job posting is simplified because you can post your job on social media and various job boards at once.

You can then set up a rule system that eliminates job candidates who aren’t qualified for the job. You can interview applicants who are qualified via video. You can keep your candidates who didn’t qualify for the final cut in the database for consideration for other positions.

5. Rakuna

Rakuna is one of the best interview scheduling software with a user intuitive interface. It focuses on campus & event recruitment and has helped a wide range of customers from startups to large enterprises to attract millennials. Rakuna offers a wide variety of independent tools, including Event Management, Recruit App, and Recruiting CRM to recruiters to optimize their recruiting operation.

The interview scheduling tool is available as an independent tool, and it can also connect with other Rakuna’s software. It is available on Rakuna’ website and mobile application.

Video Interview Software Is a Must-Have

If you want to save time and create a more efficient interview process, you need to have video interview software. There are other advantages. You can create a streamlined interview process and extend your reach to find the right candidates.

Since the process is faster and more efficient, you can be sure to hire the most qualified candidate, rather than losing them to another opportunity.

The best video software is customizable and easy to use. You can’t help but enjoy the recruiting experience again.

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