Top Gadgets and Tools for Marketers

You know that you need to up your marketing game. Your business needs it, and you know that your current marketing strategy isn’t planning out. What do you do? You visit your favorite search engine and type in something along the lines of “marketing tools for business.” The result is millions of possibilities that leaves you right where you started. The reality is that so many choices can leave you frozen and lack a clear path forward. To save you time, we compiled a list of three useful marketing gadgets and tools that you can start using today in your business to start seeing some serious results from your marketing efforts. No need to comb the web, we did that for you!


No, we don’t mean the annoying chat pop-ups that come up when you are visiting a page. Believe it or not, chatbots have come a very long way from where they were a few years ago. The primary reason–advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The result is that bots can now interact with humans in a way we might have never believed before. In fact, many of the major brands out there are using chatbots to communicate with their customers.

Want a bot? There are numerous sources out there where you can create your own chatbot without coding experience.

Messenger Marketing

Keeping with the same theme as chatbots, Messenger Marketing is a new way to engage your customers. You can install a chatbot to your Facebook page that will interact with visitors to your page. Using predefined paths, you can take your visitor through different funnels similarly as you would with an email marketing campaign. The beauty of it is that the open rates for Messenger messages far eclipse those of traditional email marketing (think 98% open rate!).

If you are wondering how to set up Messenger Marketing for your business, the process can be integrated with the creation of a chatbot. Many chatbot software also incorporates the bot with your Facebook page. If you don’t yet have a Facebook page for your business, you can find several tutorials online that will walk you through how to set one up.

Local SEO

The trouble with traditional SEO is that it has always been geared towards reaching as many people as possible and getting as much traffic as a business can take. While this sounds great in theory, the reality is that more is not necessarily better. In fact, by having more targeted traffic, a business will have a much better chance of gaining a customer than if they extended their net far and wide. For example, a taco shop in Denver probably has very little interest in attracting website visitors from Japan.

Consider working with an SEO agency that can help you target your SEO efforts at a more local level. You will end up saving a considerable amount of time and money by getting the right traffic to your site. If you are interested in learning and doing things yourself, you can also consider investing in useful SEO software that will accomplish the same goals as an agency would.


While it is possible to spend countless hours going through a sea of marketing gadgets and tools, the reality is that today’s business owners just do not have the time for that. By focusing your efforts on a few essential tools, you can be sure that you are wisely using the little time you do have and that your efforts will yield noticeable results.