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Why Apps are better than Websites

We’ve all heard the argument about Apps versus Mobile sites.  Maybe you’ve even participated in some heated debates. With mobile use on the rise year after year, we must begin to look at how to best reach our target consumer in this continually changing digital space.  The truth is, many mobile sites lack functionality. Content can be challenging to read; homepages are hard to navigate.

Apps, on the other hand, offer a clean user interface that is typically easy to use and can direct the consumer to the relevant content we wish for them to see.

Speed is a factor as well.  A well-designed app will typically have a faster loading speed than a mobile site.  Here are a few reasons why apps are better than websites.


Time means opportunity.  A lot of websites, even from major brands, are not properly optimized for mobile browsing.  Simple things like video content load times, spacing issues, and the dreaded pop-up can cause a potential consumer to leave your site and not return. Even mobile sites that are made to look more like their desktop counterparts can be challenging.  They shrink down the size of the text making it virtually impossible to read, let alone navigate. Well-designed, 5-star apps for Android can help you outperform the competition.  Navigation is a breeze and can be designed with your brand in mind.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a powerful tool.  The ability to communicate with your audience–whether you are selling products or blogging–can be the fastest way to get in front of the end consumer faster.  The great thing about push notifications is that the user doesn’t have to be actively using the app. A message will pop up, customized by user choice, on users’ home screens.

User Interface

You have a lot of freedom designing your app.  Mobile sites are bound with browser functionality, whereas apps can utilize swiping, dragging, pinching motions, etc.  This makes for a more pleasant experience when using the app.

One cool feature of building an app instead of a mobile site is that apps can access the camera of a phone or GPS.  This provides a lot of options when consumers are using the app to get engaged.

Top of Mind

With digital overload these days, staying relevant is an ever-evolving problem.  App development for your brand can help. With time spent on mobile increasing exponentially, consumers that have downloaded your app are always reminded of your brand.  Every time they scroll through their home screen, they see a little icon that is like a mini ad for you.


The speed of an app versus a mobile site is one of the biggest differentiators between apps and websites.  A well-designed app can load much faster than a mobile site. Because most apps store information locally they can recall data faster than a website that would depend on a server.  Load time is a tremendous factor in bounce rates on a mobile website. Apps eliminate this issue which makes it the most compelling reasons to design an app.


While both apps and mobile websites can both be important part of your digital strategies, mobile apps offer more customizations and ease of use which benefits your end consumer and will lead to more conversions for you.