How to Make Life Easier: 4 Pieces of Tech That Will Streamline Your Existence

The average household has a stunning 65 devices constantly using energy. Whether they are actively used or not, all electronics draw power while idle. It’s from this realization that most people start thinking about saving energy—and money.

Luckily, technology has evolved a lot of energy-efficient ways to conserve. Some devices are more powerful, but they use less energy. Other devices act as a fail-proof way to stop wasting energy altogether.

All of these new devices help bridge that gap between green energy and fossil fuel dependency. Here are four devices that will show you how to make life easier and more affordable starting today.

1. Smart Thermostat

Do you have to play ping-pong with the air conditioner whenever you come home from work? Does the summer heat crush your electric bill, despite spending half your time away from home? If so, it’s time for a new thermostat.

A smart thermostat will cool your home with predictive settings. It knows when you’re away, even if you don’t program it. Thermostats like Nest use GPS data, weather reports, and more to keep your A/C running as necessary.

A few degrees outside your usual “set it and forget it” routine could save you hundreds each year.

2. Smart Outlets

We mentioned at the start of this article that the average person loses way too much energy from idle devices. Smart outlets are the solution to this epidemic. A smart outlet is essentially an adaptor that plugs into an outlet and allows you to remotely control what’s ‘on’ or ‘off’. 

You can even buy smart outlets that sync with Alexa, Google Home, and etc. Schedule frequently used devices to power off completely at certain times to save power.  

3. Solar-Powered LEDs

If you’ve never considered installing solar panels, read up on your solar tax credit options. Until you are able to go fully solar, start by replacing your outdoor lights. Solar-powered LED lights are not only “free” energy devices, but also way more flexible than traditional lights.

Stake them, hang them, or tie them to anywhere that will catch the sun’s rays. Never worry about changing bulbs or batteries again.

4. Automatic Blinds

This last high-tech upgrade is a big convenience and energy-saver. Blinds that adjust based on the time of day ensure that you’ll have optimal natural light. They can also double as heat barriers, blocking the sun when it is at its harshest.

You can also find smart blinds with temperature sensors that detect when to close based on window temps. This pairs well with your smart thermostat.

How to Make Life Easier on a Budget

We may not have the future as imagined by The Jetsons’ cartoon, but there are definitely similarities. Automation is all about how to make life easier by saving you time and money. Less time spent unplugging and replugging means more time enjoying all the gadgets you own.

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