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What Are the Best Things to Bring to the Beach?

There are few things better than an epic day at the beach, frolicking in the sea, and the sand under blue skies and sun. Some people like to bring everything and their kitchen sink to the beach. Others are happy with just throwing on their swimming costume and hitting the waves.

There are a few essential items, though, that are guaranteed to make your beach trip more fun, comfortable, and all-around fabulous!

Check out these five best things to bring to the beach so that you’re always prepared. 

1. Beach Towels

So, this might seem like an obvious beach essential. What else are you going to dry yourself with? Well, hopefully, a quick-dry and lightweight microfiber beach towel

Beach towels make the list of beach essentials because if you want to take your beach game to the next level you’ll have a big community towel and individual towels. 

You can never have enough towels on the beach. 

A big community towel is a lovely addition to a weekend beach trip as it creates a central point to your hangout zone and gathers everyone together. 

2. Goggles and Snorkel

What is one of the best things to do at the beach? Explore the underwater world, searching for pretty shells, colorful anemones, and cool fish. There’s always something interesting to see under the water. 

Goggles and snorkel are a whole lot of fun for everyone, especially if there are little rock pools and coral reefs nearby. 

3. A Cooler and Snacks

It goes without saying that beach activities need to be fueled by a ton of snacks and cold drinks. But when you’re spending an entire day at the beach, your food and drink items end up hot and full of sand — not tasty at all. 

Kit yourself with a simple cooler that has soft sides so that you can fold it up when you’ve munched your way through all the snacks.

4. Sun Protection 

This may not be one of the fun things to bring to the beach but it’s definitely one of the most essentials. A quick way to ruin a beach day or beach holiday is with nasty sunburns and sunstroke

Of course, packing your SPF protection is vital. But to make it more comfortable for you and your group, why not bring a beach umbrella too? That way you can maximize your time on the beach with a little shade when it gets too hot.

5. A Beach Bag

What are you going to carry all of your awesome beach essentials in? A decent beach bag that’s big enough to fit all of your fun beach stuff is a game-changer. Make sure that it’s easy to carry and quite sturdy, too. 

And of course, the brighter the better. 

Don’t Forget These Best Things to Bring to the Beach on Your Next Trip

Which of these best things to bring to the beach were you always packing? Are there some that you keep forgetting? If you pack these five essentials, you’re always guaranteed to have an incredible day splashing in the waves. 

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