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Best Indoor Table Tennis Table: 2018 Reviews (Top Picks) & Guide

It is not a secret that ping pong (table tennis) is a great game that brings together people of all genders and ages together. There is no more pleasant way to spend the valuable time with your family than to enjoy the game of the table tennis together. Table tennis tables come in two forms, outdoor and indoor table tennis tables. The best indoor table tennis table is often difficult to find, especially online. Luckily, a compiled buyer -guide we prepared will educate you about the best indoor table tennis table and help you choose the right model for your apartment or house.

Best Indoor Table Tennis Table

How to shop for the best indoor table tennis table?

Indoor table tennis tables come in different sizes and colors. Before you spring towards the table, it is important to know how it will accommodate to your home. This way you will avoid ending up with something that opposes to your available space and, of course, the personal style. Most importantly, you have to decide the budget you are willing to spare for the best indoor table tennis table. Here are the factors to consider that, certainly, won’t surprise you, when you will be buying the table tennis table.


The playing space plays an important role when it comes to the indoor tables, especially inside. The average sized tennis table is 5 feet wide and 9 feet long, and of course 2 and a half feet high. This can be normal when purchasing a table. However, it is important to point out that some people take more space, based on their tennis experience.

A game of table tennis is very well an unpredictable one. It is not that rare that the ping pong ball will speedily travel, forcing you to bump into wall or furniture, breaking it. This being said before you shop for a tennis table measure your room and see how much space would it take you and another player inside your room. Another measure to consider is Tiger Ping Pong recommendation of at least 5 feet of space behind the player and 3 feet to each side so that no one would get hurt and nothing broken.


Portability doesn’t only mean that your tennis table is relatively lightweight, but also some more factors. It is a commonplace that your indoor tennis table won’t always be able to stay in the same room. Occasionally, you will have guests and it might be troublesome to host them in a room occupied by the tennis table.

This is where the collapsible feature comes in. The biggest perk of an indoor tennis table is that you can “fold” it in an ergonomic position in order to clear the space of your room, but also preserve the tennis table. This being said, make sure to look for a collapsible and relatively light table, before you settle for anything you find on the internet or street shop.


Durability is another crucial factor to observe when searching for the best indoor table tennis table. Basically, you don’t want to settle for a model that won’t serve you for longer than a season. When it comes to the tennis tables, it is understandable that they are prone to some little to moderate abuse. That is why it is important to use the tables with a sturdy build and more importantly a strong fabric that is not prone to scratch.

The top indoor table tennis tables

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table- The best indoor table tennis table

[amazon_link asins=’B01JMTDZ5Q’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’lincolnlabs02-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f5659f2b-96a4-11e7-91d5-05d2b764f80a’]

If you are looking for the perfect balance between the value and quality, then you might, as well, have come across the STIGA Advantage table tennis table. After spending some time with this gorgeously designed tennis table, we concluded that there is no better option for the indoor table tennis table.

In this further review, we will focus on unveiling the main highlights of STIGA Advantages. However, we, also, plan on tackling several drawbacks. Sit tight and relax, while reading the rest of this intriguing review, but also don’t miss on catching the runner up options that may be more appealing to you than STIGA Advantage.

STIGA Advantage – Design and Features

STIGA Advantage looks very pristine and we must admit that it is rich in features as well. It represents a tournament-ready tables with a 5/8- inch thick playing surface. It is worth pointing out that the adjustable feet and levelers veiled with rubber make it comfortable to use by preventing the damage in form of scratches.

The reliable playing surface and sturdy materials make sure that you will be able to use this table for a while. The table measures 65 x 56 x 5-inches so make sure that you have plenty of space when purchasing it, especially if you are planning to play with a group of friends. The 190 pounds definitely don’t look promising, hence make sure that the table remains in a fixed position, not lifted unless strongly necessary.

Let’s take a look at what features is the best indoor table tennis table backed up with.

The assembly

When you receive your table tennis table and unpack it, it is important to know how long will it take you to assemble it. In fact, the package, as the manufacturer claims, is already 95% pre-assembled in order to make it easy on the table tennis enthusiast

It is not a rare that the equipment that takes too long to set up ruins the fun. Unlike the very competition, STIGA Advantage is fairly easy to set up. It features what is often called “Quick Play “ meaning that you will get to enjoy the table tennis with your friends in no time.

That being said, STIGA Advantage features a 10-minute assembly which is fairly easy. All the necessary parts are included in the package, although it is recommended to have at least two people take the package into the house. The drawbacks may appear to be heavy.

However, if you have already done this before, it shouldn’t take you longer than five minutes to set it up and 30 minutes if you are an absolute novice.

The Transport

We mentioned above that the STIGA Advantage is quite heavy at its 190 pounds weight. It is not recommended to transport it, however, being foldable in halves, you can roll the rubberized wheels in order to transfer it between the rooms or offices.

This is mainly because of the firm and durable square legs made out of steel. The legs feature a self-opening mechanism as the steel material ensures the durable touch and make the legs stand firmly on the ground.

Together with the 1,55-inch legs, there are the levelers made out of rubber which will prevent scratching your floor and destroying it. Furthermore, they will customize the height in order to make the game endlessly comfortable.

Most of the tables aren’t really foldable or able to split into halves. STIGA Advantage, not only does both, but sports eight, 3-inch, ball-bearing wheels. These wheels make up for the effortless transportation, without having to lift this, enormously heavy table tennis table. Also, there is a locking mechanism present in each wheel, so that you don’t have to worry about the table “running away” in the middle of the game.

The Table Positions and Storage

The STIGA Advantage table tennis table features three unique and ergonomic positions for the users to experience the best of it. These positions are eligible for either group games, but also, the individual training and storage and include Play Position, Playback position, and the Storage position.

Play Position

Of course, the play position shows the entire table tennis table in the natural, flat opened position. It allows you to effortlessly move around it and defend whatever your opponent throws at you. Basically, if you own a large office or hall, it won’t be necessary to fold the table. Instead, leave it in this position and play with friends whenever you feel like it.

Playback Position

Not all table tennis tables offer the possibility to play individually and better yourself. This feature definitely makes STIGA Advantage a distinguished table. Changing the shape and dividing the tables is incredibly simple and after everything is set up, the table should be 64-inches high. With that height, we rarely missed the ball and always had precise and concise hits which always came back with the same pace.

Storage Position

Regardless of how big your house, apartment, or office are, there always comes the time when we simply wish the put our favorite table tennis table away in order to clean our space or we are expecting the guests. Despite its’ heavy and bulky construction, the STIGA Advantage folded relatively easy, merging two tables in a folded position together.

An additional highlight of this futuristic, professional-class table is the fact that the each “table” is equipped with a unique safety latch system. In order to keep the table secure from reopening again, this latch system will fold and lock the table completely upright.

In such position, we found many positions to place it, without having it take away the unnecessary space when not used. If you are living in an apartment, even the balcony is a great option to put it away. Not to mention how fast and simple it is.

The Net

When we were opening the package, we were slightly worried and concerned about the net quality. Including of a random, low-end table tennis net is a commonplace when springing for the table tennis table. It is not a secret that the consumers often join into buying the separate net when purchasing the table.

We were pleased to see the long, 72-inch net with the included post set. When we closely observed the net we realized its’ Tournament grade quality made it stand out in the sea of the ordinary, especially because of its’ pristine cotton-blend cloth.

The tension adjustment is available, making the net eligible even towards the most compromising, and tense matches. The manufacturer included the clamp-style attachments in order to tighten the net against the table. Moreover, it won’t take you long to set up.

The Table Top

The table top of the STIGA Advantage is the only drawback in terms quality is the 5/8 inch thick table top. It is colored in the slate blue, looking absolutely modern while blending into any environment. However, it lacks on the necessary sturdiness that will make it last for more than one season.

The thicker the table, the more sturdiness is available. This thickness contributes to the swift movement of the ball, fly high enough to pass the net correctly, but also bounce upon hitting the ground. More premium tables feature the thicker table top to make this possible.

While such construction shouldn’t be a problem for people who are genuinely just starting off their table tennis journey and prefer some kind of a recreative training and fun with best friends. The table top of the Advantage model limits the table only to that. More experienced and professional players will solely recognize that the table is more likely eligible for the beginner level.

The professional-grade table tennis tables have the top surface measuring the optimal 25mm in thickness. However, to get at least decent bounce and height, you should spring for the table that measures at least 19 mm.

Overall, avoid this table if you are used to more thickness. If you don’t care much about the top-end quality as for long as you can play, STIGA Advantage table is the right choice for you. The manufacturer was most likely aware of the issue, given that the tube style aprons give the decent support for the terrain to remain stable, even, and provide the sufficient balance and bounce during the play.

The durable black matte powder coverage unveils the STIGA logos, distinguishing the table from the rest.

The Comfort

The comfort of the table is determined by different factors and angles. One of these factors is the fact that your room needs to be large enough to support either table and two to four players like mentioned in the guide, you don’t want to bump into the wall.

Overall, the large terrain offers enough of space for either beginners and professional to maneuver and test new movements and strategies. You will hardly find a better offer on the market while preserving the same price-range. STIGA Advantage let us enjoy the great game of table tennis for hours without noticing the fatigue or problems during the gameplay.

The things we didn’t like

Although nearly perfect, STIGA Advantage is packed up with a couple of drawbacks which fail to bring it to the utmost perfection. The first, which we have already mentioned, is the ergonomics. The table is way too heavy, despite there are heavier models.

For these dimensions, we expected something that is easier to take inside the house. However, many portability options such as its’ ability to divide the tables and merge them together, the rubberized wheels make the transport and storage a piece of cake.

Unfortunately, the major drawback lays in the terrain thickness. The table top needs to be reliable and offers a lot of consistency, the STIGA Advantage offers only 16 mm thickness, which is insufficient for the latest, tournament-grade table tennis table.

Again, if you are a recreative player who doesn’t mind the little oscillations in bounce and height and prefers the ball going rather slower, this table will still be enough feature-rich to cover this loss, especially because of the powder matte coverage.

Why do we recommend it?

STIGA Advantage table tennis table is gorgeously stylish and useful in the process. If you live in a small apartment, its’ outstanding portability allows it to be folded and merged by the table sides, allowing easy storage. Additionally, the table is easy to assemble and offers the first-class net for more precision.

Above everything, STIGA Advantage is a fair balance between the value and quality, given that the similarly constructed tables range much more in terms of price. Another reason worth pointing out is that despite its’ heavy build, STIGA Advantage is equipped with rubberized, lock-included wheels that make transportation painless and effortless.

Whether do you live in a small apartment or house, STIGA Advantage is the bullseye for all recreational table tennis enthusiasts.

STIGA Advantage is definitely the best indoor table tennis table. It is equipped with the great variety of features, which make portable and comfortable for consistent and reliable use. However, if the reliability of its’ table tops disturbs you, make sure to check out other options that might as well serve as the best indoor table tennis table option.

JOOLA Inside 15mm 5/8 Inch Competition Grade Table Tennis Table – The best indoor table tennis table runner up!

[amazon_link asins=’B002HWNVZK’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’lincolnlabs02-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’18d3988e-96a5-11e7-9595-d158d73b5daa’]

JOOLA Inside is the best-selling indoor table tennis table for the past couple of years. It is the perfect option in case the first option has run out of storage. It is significantly lighter compared to our first option, measuring around 130.1 pounds. The dimensions of 108 x 60 x 30 inches are not over-crowding the rooms. However, rest assured that you and your friends will have enough space to play together, even in groups. Let’s take a look at the main features of this beautiful model.

It is important to note, that just like the previous model, JOOLA Inside features a simple assembling options, as being already part pre-assembled before arriving at your front doors. If you are in a hurry to test its’ quality, it won’t take you longer than 10 to 20 minutes to set it up.

In case you are not experienced, JOOLA offers additional assembling offer, which includes the guide that will assemble your table for the play. In our case, that wasn’t necessary and we believe that it won’t be in your case either. You will only have to merge the table halves and attach the 8 legs with 8 bolts.

Just like the previous model, this one features a playback mode. It allows you to fold one-half of the table in order to have an individual training and practice new moves. The table serves as the wall which will reflect your hits and return the ball back to you. For easy storage, the nest-fold is available which merges the tables together and protects them thanks to the anti-tilting locking devices.

Also, there are four locking caster wheels with rubber coverage in order to protect your floor from scratching. That way the safe and swift transportation is guaranteed.

When it comes to the playing surface, we can’t help but express the same kind of disappointment we have as with the STIGA Advantage table. The surface is only 5/8-inches thick, preventing the professional-grade bouncing, discouraging highs, and you will find that the ball doesn’t drift as fast as expected. On the other side, the fiberboard (MDF) material surface covers the table in dark blue color, giving the table tennis table a modern touch.

Once again if you find table tennis to be your hobby, there is nothing wrong with this density of the table. However, you won’t settle for this model if you already played on better surfaces.

Things that we like

  • Portable
  • Advanced quality net
  • Foldable and eligible for the playback mode
  • Relatively affordable


The density of the table top doesn’t suffice the most reliable standards seen in the tournaments.

Reason for Recommending

What makes this model stand out from the others is similar like with the STIGA Advantage table tennis table. This model is spectacular for the great variety of features that come with it, including the foldable design, reliable wheels, and great quality net which contributes to a great convenience during playing. In case our first option is out of stock, this model is ideal for both apartments and houses, and ensuring spectacular play time.

JOOLA Inside is an indoor table tennis table with the large selection of features. If you can put up with the several drawbacks it has, it is a perfect investment for the tournament-grade of table tennis.

Viper Arlington Indoor Table Tennis Table

[amazon_link asins=’B00EX7ESAE’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’lincolnlabs02-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’45f9abbd-96a5-11e7-9694-77a813c46369′]

Viper Arlington is an indoor-only table tennis table and one of the very best in this category. Just like the previous models, it features a 5/8 inch MDF table top, eligible for the beginners and moderate players. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reach up to the professional grade of durability. Despite that, the table is very-well responsive to the bouncing, it gives the necessary height to the ball traveling and sufficient speed.

The rest of the table is relatively sturdy. The steel legs are easy to assemble in a whole 30 minutes long assembly round after the table is delivered to your home.

Although, not as premium and pristine in terms of material like the prior models we reviewed, Viper Arlington is well-crafted. There are four rubberized wheels with the locks for steady standing and four without. Every wheel measures 2-inches high and they make sure that the transport is going to be completely painless for the users.

Viper Arlington measures 170 pounds heavy, meaning it’s heavier than JOOLA Indoor. However, it is lighted then STIGA Advantage, and with additional portability options, it is no more than a breeze to move it from one room than another.

We already mentioned that it is available to “nest fold” in order to be positioned aside until it’s needed again. However, the user can perform a personal training with one-half of the table folded up, high enough for the ball not to miss.

The net is included. However, its’ quality is not as promising than the other two. Several complaints arise about the tightness of the net. However, we didn’t intercept any issue but appreciation for it to be tighter.

Things that we liked

  • Large and spacious
  • Eligible for either beginners and moderate players
  • Easy to assemble

Things that we didn’t like

  • The net is not as tight
  • The table-halves will often misalign

Reason for recommending

Viper Arlington is deeply recommended for people with larger apartments and homes. Although the model is fully foldable and easy to store, it looks gorgeous as fully assembled inside the spacious room. It is relatively more expensive compared to its’ competition. However, if you are looking for something large, a table eligible for a group of people, you won’t make mistake with this model.

Viper Arlington is a trendy-looking indoor table tennis table with outstanding features that set it apart from the competition. We would appreciate sturdier materials that can help the table halves align together, aside from that, it offers consistency and a lot of fun to use.

JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis- The best compact and budget-friendly option

[amazon_link asins=’B0012QJZTI’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’lincolnlabs02-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’6aa2e511-96a5-11e7-845a-f501c9191d2b’]

JOOLA is a famous manufacturer for making sturdy, consistent, and durable table tennis tables which offer reliability and fun. Aside from outdoor and tournament-ready, professional indoor table tennis tables, it proudly offers midsize, compact models ready to flatter smaller apartments and offices.

JOOLA Midsize Compact Table tennis, despite being smaller, doesn’t look like that. It originally comes pre-assembled by 100% in order to make the job much easier to the users. Receiving the package, we saw that there won’t be much to do.

All we had to do is merge the separate tables and unfold the legs. After that, we added the net, which by the way is really decent, and screwed the clamp-styled attachment under the table.

Given that the tables can painlessly split, we didn’t have problems with putting the table away. It is ideal for storage like the original title and purpose suggest, it is meant to be in smaller apartments, in order to be able to fit in the wardrobe and under the beds.

This brings forth one little drawback. You will often find them misalign, having problems to stay in an even and consistent position, especially when the game is performed on the carpet. We noticed another thing – there are no wheels. Also, if you are going to use it on carpet, try this carpet cleaning ny company, to freshen up where you are going to put it, especially if you arent planning on moving it.

But, don’t let that spook you. At the dimensions given by 39,3 x 39,2 x 4 inches, the JOOLA Midsize weighs only 50 pounds, which is ideal for a compact tennis table. You will be able to effortlessly lift it with the help of another person and take it where you want.

The dark blue surface of the table top looks gorgeous. However, it doesn’t offer the consistency of a constantly even space, neither does it create the bounce other, professional-grade tables do. The 5/8-inch density is not enough to host a high-grade tournament, but it is ideal for the group game of recreative friends.

It is important to note that the table is multifunctional, by that, we mean that you can customize the two separable tables and organize them to serve another purpose when not in the mood to play. You can rest the drinks there, play games such as poker or monopoly, all that while enjoying with your family.

The things we like

  • The JOOLA Midsize is wonderfully portable. You can split it, fold it and it comes pre-assembled.
  • Multifunctional – we used it to play different board games on it.
  • Great for smaller apartments.
  • Affordable


  • The tables can often misalign
  • No playback mode.

Reason for recommending

Frankly speaking, JOOLA Midsize has everything other tables would have. It is also lightweight and foldable and more importantly affordable. It will ideally fit in compact rooms and serve as a great entertainment option. If you are looking for an affordable and portable indoor table tennis table, there’s no better than the JOOLA Midsize.

JOOLA Midsize is the budget-friendly best indoor table tennis table available for use. While equipped with small flaws, it is definitely not a deal breaker and its’ multifunctional feature appeals to many families looking for an indoor sports entertainment.

Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table – The best splurge

[amazon_link asins=’B000BO8AKW’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’lincolnlabs02-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a9a6a3c8-96a5-11e7-ab7a-6b9521dadd23′]

The relatively affordable, apartment-grade table tennis tables are respectable. But, a table tennis professional will rarely settle for anything less than the best. That being said, Butterfly Centrefold 25 is far from a budget-friendly model. Instead, you will spend nearly $2,000 for the utmost professional model, that you can use for the high-grade competition.

You will agree that this is really a huge table tennis table. It weighs hefty 290 pounds, so don’t hope to carry it with ease. Luckily, the hardest thing you will probably have to do is to carry it inside your house. The table is pre-assembled, meaning that you only have to set up the net, open the legs and unfold it and you are ready to play.

Being so big, we don’t recommend it for use in the small apartment. However, if you are confident enough and truly want it, rest assured that it’s’ foldable nature makes it eligible to store absolutely anywhere. In larger closets and on balconies as well.

The movement is relatively easy, you align the tables. It has two square legs made out of steel for more durability and protection. The endings are covered in a soft material to prevent scratching. Additionally, this material helps the surface even in case you are playing on a carpet or an uneven floor.

There are 5-inch, large wheels which allow the table to move smoothly and effortlessly. In case you decide to change the room, these wheels will keep it super easy to you.

It is worth pointing out that this table tennis table was approved by ITTF which stands for International Table Tennis Federation. Also, its’ customizable and sturdy construction makes it eligible to the wheelchair users to enjoy the best of this magnificent table.

Unlike the previous models, Butterfly Centrefold 25 top is constructed out of the firm and steady wood, with the 1-inch density, making it one of the most consistent and reliable models available on the market. From this, we see, that it is more than welcome to pay extra money in order to get the uncompromised table top quality. The ball moves swift and bouncy, everything that a strict table tennis player asks from a table tennis table.

The things that we liked

  • Wooden top table with 1-inch thickness.
  • Large wheels with locks
  • Foldable
  • Easy to assemble

Things that we didn’t like

  • Extremely heavy
  • Expensive

Reason for recommending

Price of Butterfly Centrefold 25 is fairly discouraging, this is why we are not recommending this table to beginner or novices. This table is ideal to flatter the home to the most dedicated table tennis players. It is highly customizable, comfortable for use, and easy to store.

Butterfly Centrefold 25 is a high-end table tennis table. If you can afford the luxury to play the professional tennis, this table tennis table is worth every penny.

Kettler Top Star XL Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

[amazon_link asins=’B004HW0N9K’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’lincolnlabs02-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’cd822cd4-96a5-11e7-bd38-b75b329e9a26′]

The vast majority of table tennis tables can be eligible for either indoor and outdoor use. However, most of them will easily get damaged outside, while staying preserved inside. If you live in a large house, it is more than understandable that you’d rather play table tennis outside than inside on a warm and pleasant day.

Kettler Top Star XL is a table tennis table which is confident enough to withstand either indoor and outdoor condition to provide a great experience, enjoying your favorite table tennis game. This is a larger model, hence it is mostly used in larger homes and yards. Plus side is that you can play double matches and have a great time with your friends.

The assembling is not difficult. But, it can be time-consuming. It ordinary takes about 1,5 hours to 2 hours. Unfortunately, as it’s time-consuming, people often get tired and confused and end up assembling it for over 3 hours. The good side is that there are plenty of useful tips and guides available on YouTube, which will make it easier on you.

The storage is extremely easy, all you have to do is to use a two-button mechanism and the table will fold, where you can easily store it away. Also, if you feel lonely, you can practice new moves and strokes in a playback mode. We believe that you will find folding one side of the table simpler than folding the whole table itself.

The table is equipped with the weatherproof top, colored in blue color. The 7/8” thickness allows for harder strokes to be performed, while still achieving the perfect bounce. It doesn’t hurt to mention that Kettler Top Star XL sports the ALU-TEC, the popular climate-control technology.

Things that we liked

  • Large and spacious
  • Easy to transport thanks to the folding features
  • Playback Mode
  • ALU-TEC, climate-control technology

Things that we didn’t like

  • There is nothing to support the legs of the table on the uneven surfaces

Reason for recommending

Do you live in a large house and you want to play either inside and outside? Kettler Top Star XL is a perfect companion for enjoying the nature on a sunny day while playing a game of table tennis with friends, but also warm up in the house during the frigid temperatures with those same friends. The table is moderately priced and provides a rich set of features eligible for both beginners and strict players.

The ALU-TEC-equipped Kettler Top Star XL is a win-win situation for both outdoor and indoor use. The comfortable table top bounces the ball just well and gives it the necessary speed to make the game more challenging and unpredictable. Being a high-end table, we wouldn’t be surprised if you threw private tournaments where your friends and family could demonstrate different strokes and movements. It is relatively easy to store and time-consuming to assemble, but everything else seems to be just in the right place.


Kettler Top Star XL is the model that reaches down to the end of our guide and reviews. This article highlighted the most important features to consider when searching for a high-end table. We made sure to set the accent on budget-friendly and top-end models to make sure that everyone found the best indoor table tennis table model for themselves.