improve your gaming strategy

How to Improve Your Gaming Strategy?

improve your gaming strategyThe development of new gaming machines and new styles of games has widely contributed to the popularity of gaming, especially the multiplayer gaming.

While the vast majority of people see gaming as a way to relax and vent off, for others it is a never -ending competition. If you are fond of multiplayer games, it must be evident for you that there will always be people better than you.

However, there is always a room for improvement. Here’s a list of ways how to improve your gaming strategy.

Improve Your Gaming Strategy: Accept your skills

This can be explained on many levels. Basically, it is hard to just rush and start a new game and pretend to be the best player. Many times it happens that the people, especially in MMO games, level up completely and start tackling the areas without having the proper knowledge at all.

These are the people who don’t bother reading the lore, learning the story, or anything else about the game. We are all endlessly curious when starting a new game. But, the extreme hype and excitement should be replaced with the caution. If you aren’t the best, if you aren’t geared, if you are unsure about the outcome of the raid you are entering, simply don’t enter.

Not only you will, most likely, make yourself look stupid, but you will evoke the grudge on your teammates. If you, on the other side, want to get carried through the dungeon, or raid, make sure that you know the people you are playing with, instead of merging with complete strangers.

Same goes for shooting skills. Accept your familiarity with the weapons you use, the maps you walk on, and general game mechanics, don’t experiment until you are absolutely sure that you can cope with the challenge.

Read and Learn

No one has started a new adventure as a pro. Even the games with the most similar mechanics hide their own secrets. Sometimes, answers to the most common questions within the game won’t come on their own. Instead, they will just raise confusion.

New patch? That can be a very rough day. The game publishers or hosters usually organize events within the game which will support you in teaching you the latest game mechanics. Additionally, they may introduce you to the new dungeons, monsters, bosses and much more.

Learning about the potentially favorite game can be quite stressful and disappointing. On the other side, if you are really interested in the game you are currently playing, think about how better it’s going to get once you are through the learning process.

There are various places from where you can learn. Dedicated gamers like to host a website with the most popular builds, guides, gear combinations and much more. Additionally, there are instructional videos and live streams which will help you take a grip of your game.

They will help you make your first steps, build your own strategy, and develop your own opinion. You can’t decide which class you’ll take, or you are struggling with the weapon strategy? These videos will unveil all your doubts, and help you build something for yourself.

Let’s be honest, a lot of game communities can be more than toxic. As such it is often inappropriate to ask them about the gameplay, unless you find a valuable and reliable friend. However, the toxic communities lead to entering parties and raids without being properly informed about the courtesy of what you are going to play. This often leads to defeat. Even more saddening thing is that you don’t know how you lost.

This is why it’s important to be well-informed about the games you are playing. Experience and knowledge not only open the path towards the success for you. They also allow you to change how these communities work, by helping someone else.

On YouTube there is a great variety of active channels with responsive YouTubers who will be more than happy to help. When I played Tera Online, it was essential for me to put every small detail on paper, same with other MMORPG and Hack-And-Slash games. Another thing worth mentioning are the game forums, located mainly on the official site of the game. There you can always ask what bothers you. But, given some communities are large, you are certainly not the only person facing these problems.

Learn from your mistakes

Making mistakes as a novice is a commonplace. All of us yearn to be the best in a game we like. It is natural. However, the most helpful piece of advice we can give you is to keep the track of what you are you doing and how you are doing it. Is there a way to prevent the defeat, the loss, the death? Use it!

Now always are you the reason of defeat. Everyone is entitled to their flaws. However, there are certain methods to turn these flaws into advantages.

You will, normally lose more times. It is often the case that we know what we did wrong, but we don’t know how we should apply our idea in order to make things work. Maybe the solution to your problem consists of many steps. Perhaps, you figured your way out of the first and second, but the third step is constantly bugging you down.

The experience is the only thing that can help you sort things out. With time you will get better ideas on perceiving things. Getting used to a new terrain, in-game, will adjust you to the new conditions, which is highly welcomed when you are in a boss or PvP fight.

The worst thing you can do is to rage-quit. Rage-quitting is something only cowards do. Even if it’s not your own fault but your team’s, it’s not alright to leave someone hanging just because victory matters more than anything to you. If your rage-quitting habit persists and extends, you will never be able to find out what is that which makes your wrongs result in defeat.

The second method which vastly resembles of ‘experience’ is to download a recording software and watch your battles or dungeon runs. It is the best way to repeatedly remind yourself of what you did wrong and focus on these things in easier endeavors until you get better.

If the necessary gear, weapon, and other equipment aren’t the factor, then, if you are playing an MMO, consider getting involved with an easier class until you get used to the game mechanics. It is a very helpful method that many gamers referred to, even though they are ashamed to admit.

Practice makes it perfect

This section doesn’t encourage you to become a no-lifer and play 24/7, unless you are playing games for the living, of course.

Just like with everything in life, practice is what results in the ultimate success. Even if you really suck at math, if you work hard enough, you are going to yield some great results with every next test or exam that you take.

The similar story is with gaming. If you play games three to five hours a day, devote at least two to three hours where you will practice. By practice, I do mean innovative. However, it wouldn’t hurt you to work on exactly those things that slow you down. Giving your mistakes recognition will allow you to pull out a valuable message which you can only use as your own weapon.

Another important thing is that many gamers can’t figure playing from practicing. Playing is when you are in the big matches, when you are supporting your friends in parties, and actually gearing yourself. On the other side, practice is the time you devote with yourself and the game, no one else. In this time, you work on developing your instincts, using the advantages of your character, gear, and class, and other.

Develop your gaming instincts

It is not a secret that terrains often change. A good gamer who plays a certain class, let’s say a healer has various builds to use. These builds can be just for practice, for solo PvP, for group PvP, for single-runs in dungeons, raids, and much more. Setting these builds in an appropriate manner, is of the utmost importance for every gamer. Many people think that these criteria are irrelevant, but they really are not.

Developing your instincts is important when it comes to the PvP, learn to point your gun at whatever that moves, manage to recognize the traps in a crowd. Learn how to block and dodge in the time. If your game supports the i-frame ability, make sure to take a grip of it in no time.

Developing good instincts doesn’t have to be performed alone. If you are one of those communicative people who meets friends for life in a game, it won’t be a problem for you to find an experienced, trust-worthy person that would be willing to share their secrets with you. The more truthful advices that you can get from someone, the better.

Equip yourself

No, a high-end mouse and top-notch keyboard won’t turn you into a pro within a day. But, it is extremely likely that they will be of great help. It is not a secret that a powerful mouse, keyboard, or monitor will make you pay through the nose. However, you’d be surprised with all the benefits.

A good gaming keyboard and mouse can cost anywhere between $20 to $100. While it’s good to keep minimalist manner, it is essential to equip yourself with the equipment that can help you achieve your in-game goals.

When it comes to a gaming monitor, it is not like the 4K display will make you take the title of the best gamer of “insert name” game. But, a good IPS display with a large resolution and decent image transparency will help you get ahead of your enemies.

Another great advantage of gaming peripherals is the amount of macro-buttons which make placing build and skillset closer to your fingers. This greatly increases your speed, and allows you to be ahead of your enemies, and ahead of the boss you are fighting.

You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money. Finding this equipment can be quite difficult, given that everyone has their own style and comfort zone.

Learn how to enjoy with your team and friends

In the end, it doesn’t hurt to remember that gamers are there just as relief. You may be competitive, you may be a professional individual. But, even as such, you started playing games to firstly enjoy. That’s why it is important to use the best of the free time that you have and spend it by enjoying the latest innovations, fighting the arch enemy of your guild, or discovering the secrets of the new dungeons.

Depending on a game, the mechanics and systems are different. You can spend your time running a guild PvP run, mock your best friends in a 1v1 battle, or carry a new member through that hard dungeon. We learn every day, and every day is an opportunity to learn something new and participate in some challenging endeavor.

Worth mentioning is also that your teammates are people who can see your flaws the best. Don’t be surprised if they are harsh on you, that is for the best cause. Your teammates can tell you what you should change, they will encourage you to change your approach, your build, and maybe even your gear. If you warmly embrace these critiques, you will be capable of becoming a better player in the future.


Gaming is extremely competitive. It is evident that it will be even more in the future. However, like mentioned above, it is also a hobby. It is something you love doing and what others think about your gaming strategy becomes irrelevant instantly.

You can apply all of these tips from the list, but don’t forget to have fun in the process. It is the whole point. What methods do you use to improve your gaming strategy?