Succeed as a Twitch streamer

How to Succeed as a Twitch streamer

Succeed as a Twitch streamerThis post is going to be long. In our previous articles, we talked about turning your passion for gaming into steady revenues.

You will agree with me that taking this path is nowhere easy. This article focuses on a more dedicated topic, how to succeed as a Twitch streamer?

While we mentioned that YouTube is quite competitive streaming platform next to Twitch, Twitch wins all the rewards and followers.

Before proceeding on reading don’t forget that monetizing your gaming endeavor is more challenging than it sounds. However, it is still considered a job, hence if you want to have your gaming breakthrough on a live streaming platform, is your new best friend.

How to succeed as a Twitch Streamer? – What is

Before we get to the real guide, it doesn’t hurt to highlight the definition behind Twitch and its’ real effect on the gaming community. Even if you have only a shallow knowledge about the Twitch’s existence, the following paragraphs will help you.

In case you haven’t heard about yet, it is ok. The vast majority of gamers are great at what they are doing. However, they didn’t express interest in being part of that adventure.

Twitch is an online platform which warmly embraces the different range of gamers and allows them to demonstrate their gaming capability, whilst showing them to their audience. Basically, gamers stream videos which are broadcasted to the audience in real-time. Twitch is very versatile, they accept anything from digital artists and Yoga Instructors to the ultimate and strict gamers.

Needless to mention, though it doesn’t hurt to tackle, the income goes to the video streamer, not to the audience of it.

The casual gamers with vast passion to gaming have deep interest in Twitch. But, they are not the only people using it. It is not rare that many video game developers and publishers like to earn their place on Twitch. They stream the parts of the game they published, usually to boost their online campaign, or something else.

Twitch also greets various events and competitions which greatly resemble of games con events and such. Additionally, there is an annual convention hosted by Twitch. It is better known as TwitchCon and allows gamers to individually demonstrate their skills and passions.

How to succeed as a Twitch streamer – Registering and starting the channel

The guide has started. It would sound natural to suggest registering and making your account on Twitch. Creating account actually transfers onto making a channel where gamers broadcast and stream the videos of playing games. These are mainly supposed to be guides. However, many gamers just like to mess around for some views.

You are not limited to the device that you will use. You can play games on your console, or computer. There are no limits. As long as there is a large audience and your content is engaging, you are good to continue developing your Twitch streaming career.

Additionally, if you want your audience to see you, you can attach a web camera to introduce yourself to your public. However, on the contrary, gamers tend to just give the commentary while playing a game. They believe this is less distracting. But, there is nothing wrong with the web camera plugged in.

The most of the time, gamers are trying to be funny and hilarious. They give a funny selection of comments on the charge of gameplay. However, sometimes the gamers tend to give a valuable information which can help other, discouraged gamers pass some extremely hard level.

From this information, you will see that the key necessary things you need to have a slight sense of humor while providing the commentary. Furthermore, you will need a really good disrupt- and resonance-free. If you want to get exposure from playing games online, you should definitely have a web cam to show yourself to the audience.

The last but not the least thing is definitely a decent gaming device such as a high-end desktop computer or a laptop which can support what is hot right now and for your audience as well. Any additional equipment is more than welcome for gaming, in both terms of console and PC gaming.

Twitch doesn’t give you limits for streaming. Pretty much, you are allowed to stream 24/7. However, we are pretty sure that you won’t spend so much time on stream. It won’t give you a good name to the followers too.

A great feature Twitch provides is an ability to previously record a video and upload it on Twitch, just like you would do for YouTube. Quite unlikely, that is. Additionally, it ruins the whole point of Twitch, which is designed to provide videos broadcasted in real-time action. Twitch doesn’t obligate you to be there constantly. If you eventually succeed, it can be a side-kick job in your free time. However, it can develop in a full-time career and dump your annoying 9 to 5 schedule. Of course, that is if you are a big fan of e-Sports and a competitive gamer.

Like I mentioned above, signing in for Twitch is fairly easy and it takes less than few minutes. You can choose between coming up with an original login name and also create an account with support of your Facebook account.

Broadcasting is different. It is based on the time you dedicate yourself into this but also from which device are you playing, is it a console or a PC and the equipment you are fond of using in your videos. As your gameplay and channel start developing, you are guaranteed to earn more followers and loyal viewers.

If you are completely new and lost, don’t worry. Twitch users happen to be friendly and helpful in great sorts of support options. There is a dedicated online support in chat rooms and forum as well. Given it is a dedicated community we are sure that you will solve any issue that you come across.

How to succeed as a Twitch streamer – Establishing the audience

Once that you finished setting your Twitch channel it is time to jump onto the action. You choose your favorite games, but also those that rank well among the gamers, start broadcasting and getting yourself a dedicated audience.

Streamers tend to make funny live streams where they make fun out of their gameplay and the system, characters, and some logic issues that never fall behind. Some streamers, on the other side, focus on making their content educative and delivering value to their audience. This way, like mentioned, viewers can learn a lot from you and apply your gaming techniques in their own titles. Both sound tempting don’t they? It’s almost impossible to enable you to do both. However, a crossover is not forbidden.

Your audience is pretty much like that. There are people who are looking for relaxation, for a gag for a laugh. On the other side, some visitors of the Twitch are there just to get what they need. If you don’t grab their attention in a couple of seconds, they are gone for good.

Aside from live streaming the video concept, the streamers enjoy the benefits of live chat. It is not rare that if the viewers find you friendly and helpful, they will ask you couple of questions about your gameplay or share something that confused them. You shouldn’t take these lightly because you can learn about what your audience wants from you and in this way. Additionally, after they see you are as helpful and friendly in the conversation as in the video, they will be happy to watch you again that you start clearing.

To conclude, aside from streaming engaging and original content, you can be friendly with your fans on the live chat which will help you get to know about the interests of your audience.

Like we mentioned above, another important factor to consider is the selection of games you will play. The more popular the game, the more competition there is. You will have to be able to step out with resources in order to purchase the game as soon as it is out, allowing you to play without being interrupted.

If your audience sees that you are prompt with the new releases and can handle them properly and correctly, they will be happy to return to your channel. The best alternative is certainly playing less popular titles until you grasp more than 200 viewers. It is not a secret that it will take you a long time until you get this number above 1000.

As about the major releases, we recommend that you first get a loyal audience that will suggest you more popular titles to explore. Also, watch other streamers, see what are the wrongs of your approach by seeing their rights, you’ll surely make more progress if you are prone to exploring your audience, but also competition.

How to succeed as a Twitch streamer? – Start bringing revenues

There are over 1,5 million channels of streamers. How do all of them make money?

Most definitely, it is the advertising that brings the revenues. Game publishers pay exposure for the ads to Twitch. Later on, when streamers stream, they share the income with Twitch. For example, you can set on your profile the amount of ads you want to be displayed when you are streaming, which automatically sets up your revenue.

The more visitors and viewers of your channels see the ads, the more income you get. Additionally, when you decide the time is right for withdrawing your money, you can connect your Paypal account with the Twitch account in order to proceed.

Additionally, a method similar to affiliate marketing allows you to generate revenue if your viewers are interested in purchasing the game you played from the link you provide on your channel. The link later prompts the viewers to Amazon, where they complete the purchasing.

The only drawback to this revenue is the Adblocker. Adblocker blocks the ads from your channel, which will make monetizing your content extremely difficult. Additionally, you can ask them to turn off the Adblocker in order to support you.

Luckily, ads aren’t the only way to earn money. Twitch allows the donations to be performed from your subscribers. They can give donations in terms for you to buy new, better equipment, games, but they can also offer money for you to enhance your overall service.

Many streamers with steady profit and option opened for donations rely on an agent which regulates these donations in an endlessly professional manner. Another way to earn money includes Twitch Partnership program.

How to succeed as a Twitch streamer – Twitch Partnership Program

If you have a sizeable collection of supporters and followers, there is a Twitch Partnership program which allows you to earn additional money to your pocket by playing games. Just like in previous money earning programs, your income is shared with Twitch. However, you’ll be earning a steady income every month, regardless of views or ads.

You are allowed and free to spread your creative mind in terms of video quality. Additionally, you can start a merchandise campaign which is a very important step when it comes to streaming.

Your viewers will pay $5 per month for you to get some super privileges such as a private chat with every subscriber exclusively. Also they can effortlessly have permission for your broadcast’s archives. Another but not too significant feature is a set of unique looking emoticons for expressing themselves.

There are at least 12,000 partners on Twitch. Although it is hard to be accepted to this program, Twitch will guide your way towards there and support you if they see that you have a true potential to participate in this program. They want someone who makes their community rich and vibrant. Additionally, they want someone innovative and with creative mind.

Aside from creating original content which doesn’t violate any of Twitch ToS, other requirements include average viewership of 500+ and broadcasting schedule of 3+ times a week. Do you think you can fit in this schedule?


This is the end of our guide of succeeding as a Twitch Streamer. What methods do you suggest? Let us know in the comments.