3 High-Tech Farming Innovations Every Modern-Day Farmer Should Have

Who’s the father of modern agriculture?

Historians believe its Cyrus McCormick, the man who invented the mechanical reaper. McCormick’s invention came to be in 1831, allowing for the westward growth of the United States.

Almost 200 years later, the world of agriculture is continuing to evolve. Today, new high tech farming techniques are giving farmers the ability to do more than they ever could before.

What high tech innovations could your farm benefit from? Read on to find out!

1. Upgraded Diesel Engines

If your farming truck has a diesel engine, we have good news for you! The advancements in diesel technology are making it possible to create more efficient diesel engines. 

For instance, they now have diesel engines that have lower emissions, while also being more energy-efficient. If you like caterpillar motors, you’ll be happy to know that the cat 3406 offers quiet operation.

There are also diesel engines out on the market now that use battery integration to create hybrid-electric drive systems. You’ll be able to enjoy an efficient, quiet running engine, that doesn’t waste a drop of fuel.

2. High Tech Farming Equipment for Vegetables

How does high tech vegetable farming differ from traditional methods? It depends on whether you’re talking about indoor or outdoor high tech farming for vegetables.

Outdoor vegetable farmers can benefit from introducing smart farming into their routine. Using robotics and drones, machines can replace manpower. For instance, there’s self-driving tractors, seeding robots, and robots that can harvest crops.

Next, vegetable farmers can also choose to move their operations indoors with high tech hydroponic systems. Hydroponic systems use less water than traditional farming methods.

Another benefit of investing in a hydroponic system is that you’ll need less space since you can set up a vertical system. If your hydroponic system is well maintained you can grow produce at twice the rate of traditional farming.

3. 3D Printer for Breeding Stock

Farmers who are raising chickens can benefit from advancements in 3D printing. Today, 3D printers are being used to reproduce missing body parts on roosters.

Instead of having to retire a high-value breeding stock, the roosters can live longer, happier lives. Feet, beaks, and even legs have been successfully made and used by poultry farmers.

Take for instance a rooster called Foghorn who lost both of his feet to frostbite. After carefully fitting the rooster with a pair of flexibly 3D printed feet, Foghorn’s was able to go back to strutting around.

Upgrade Your Farming Equipment

What high tech farming upgrades could you benefit from using? Are you excited about the possibility of lengthening the life of prime breeding roosters? Or are you ready to explore automated operations for your outdoor farm?

We hope that our article will inspire you to keep exploring ways to use technology to make your farm the best. For more articles like this one, check out the rest of this site.