5 Gifts for the Ping Pong Player in your Home

So you want to start playing ping pong at home. Your loved one doesn’t have to be a pro to enjoy a friendly racket swinging tournament at home. What’s so great about ping pong is that it is one of those great sports that can be played all year round, whether indoors or out. So if your loved one is obsessed with the game, we completely get it.

 When looking for gifts to buy a ping pong player or fun, be on the lookout for gifts that can advance their skills so that they can be better players. Not only will this show that you support their interest, but it will also show that you care. If you are on the hunt for gifts for the ping pong player in your life, here are 5 gifts that you should consider:

A quality racket

The ping pong bat, paddle, or racket is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for anyone serious about playing ping pong. Even if you are buying the racket for someone that’s just playing for fun or starting as a beginner, it is still crucial that you find a ping pong racket that is suited to your loved one’s needs and playing style.

The right racket will make the learning process more enjoyable, which will effectively allow one to practice properly. But before you head out to a shop or online store to buy any old racket, there are a couple of important things that you should keep in mind. For example, you need to know what your special someone’s grip size is to purchase a racket with the right grip.

Are buying a racket for someone that’s been playing ping pong for long or for a person that’s learning from scratch? Does the ping pong player in your life have any problems that you need to keep in mind such as joint pain?

Think about whether the recipient will be able to handle a head heavy racket, which tends to be heavier than their smaller counterparts. The last thing that you want is to waste money on a racket that’s only going to sit in storage. If your ping pong player plays professionally, a smaller racket that offers better control would probably be best.

Picking the right racket for your loved one can make the gift buying process even more daunting, especially because there is so much variety to choose from these days. As such, you will want to take your time before making a decision. Explore what’s out there before settling; this way you will be completely pleased with your purchase.

A surface to play on

It goes without saying that having a stable, high-quality playing surface such as a ping pong table can help the loved one in your life advance their skill level while enjoying the game a bit more. Now the process of buying a ping pong table might seem easy and straightforward, but there is a lot more to think about than one might imagine.

It can be an agonizing decision especially when you don’t know what you are looking for. Does your loved one have sufficient space for storage? Are you buying for a single player or multiple? Is your loved one really going to use the table? Like rackets, the good news is that you will have a wide array to choose from, whether you are balling out of control or shopping on a budget.

Ping pong balls

The ping pong player in your life will constantly require ping pong balls so they make excellent gifts for a ping pong enthusiast. As a general rule of thumb, ping pong players are advised to keep at least 5 balls on standby at all times. However, a lot of players tend to keep more than that, particularly during the early learning stages.

Chances are the novice player in your life will hit a few too far, perhaps even over their mean neighbor’s fence, so having extras on hand can ensure that they don’t have to go out looking for them. The good news is that ping pong balls are affordable and if you are buying for a beginner, you can go for a cheaper brand since quite a few of them will go missing at first.

During your hunt for the best ping pong balls for your loved one, you will come across balls with different start ratings ranging from one to three stars. One and 2 star balls aren’t as long-lasting as three-star balls and are generally available in mass packs of one or two hundred. Such balls are best for total beginners, as well as for practice or rallying.

If you are buying them as gifts for a professional though, you’ll definitely want to go for three-star rated balls. These are the varieties used in ITTF approved tournaments and competitions. High-quality balls such as these tend to be a little pricier than their low-quality counterparts but they are absolutely worth it.

A ball machine

If your loved one has a ping pong club or center that he or she plays from, they’ll probably have encountered a ball machine at some point. Such machines can be rented by the hour for pennies on the dollar. However, if your loved one is serious about ping pong, buying them a ball machine would be highly appreciated.

A ball machine can provide a great way for both serious learners and professionals to practice their control, aim, and serve whenever they are alone at home. Ball machines can also be a great way for dormant players to get back into form so consider it.

Ping pong lessons

When it comes to learning the basics of the game, there are several options available to beginners. But one of the most effective ways is ping pong lessons. Plenty of clubs, personal trainers, as well as ping pong clinics offer cost-effective and social ways for individuals to start learning ping pong.

Signing up your loved one for lessons in public ping pong centers is also another affordable way to get your loved one to see if they are committed enough to learn the sport. Paying for ping pong lessons for your special someone is also a great way for them to meet and mingle with other players.

Final Thoughts

Oh, ping pong! What’s not to love about this intensely competitive yet uber fun game? If you are looking for gifts for the ping pong player in your life, stick with this list because it’s got you covered.