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3 Energy Boosting Supplements for that Added Boost

We’ve all been there, it’s late in the afternoon and the boss comes in asking you to stay late and finish up some work, that’s when the conundrum hits- to drink coffee or an energy drink containing caffeine and receive a burst of energy but not be able to sleep that night/ undergo the unhealthy nature of cheap coffee and most energy drinks. Energy supplements are also available but many of those contain complex ingredients lists that look more like the formula to a chemical compound then the ingredients for a simple energy bar. Below are three natural, energy-boosting supplements to help get you through the day feeling energized and focused without any comedown or notable side-effects.


Our bodies naturally produce coenzyme Q10 which is ubiquitous and found in all human cells. The cells use CoQ10 to provide energy and fight against damage from oxidative. If and when (with age) CoQ10 levels decline within our bodies then cell growth is limited and more energy is required for these cells to grow and stay healthy which in turn contributes to fatigue and weariness. Although naturally found in fish, nuts, and meat, the CoQ10 in these products is relatively low as compared to a supplement version of C0Q10 which is much stronger and comes in pill/capsule form and is readily available in person or online.


Although many people associate kratom with relaxation and sedation there are certain strains of kratom for sale that help users increase their energy and focus. The Red Borneo strain of kratom named so due to the color of the leaf’s vein and the island from which it is harvested is reported to help takers increase their focus and overall mental energy levels. If you are to buy kratom for an energy boost or increased levels of awareness make sure that you are buying the right strain, Red Borneo, as other strains can cause drowsiness and make it difficult to focus and concentrate.


An amino acid naturally produced by the body, Tyrosine can be found naturally in foods high in protein including- chicken, dairy products, and eggs. Tyrosine helps produce neurotransmitters which are how our brain receives and interprets chemical messages from our bodies. Over time and following physical and mental stress neurotransmitters may begin to decline which is believed to decrease energy levels and negatively affect concentration. Tyrosine supplements which are readily available have been shown in studies to help increase both alertness and energy levels among test subjects.