How Entrepreneurs Are Capitalizing on Business Gamification

You do not need to be a professional gamer to understand that video games offer something unique and satisfying. The feeling of acquiring points, winning contests, and filling progress bars can drive us to extreme lengths. Game mechanics were made because humans respond to them and they can be implemented in other areas of life. Consider how an entrepreneur could gamify their business by reading nothing more than this book on Amazon!

While Gamification is relatively easy to understand, there is a bit more going on beneath the surface than what many may realize. In today’s conversation, we are going to unveil some of the tried-and-true advantages that come with gamifying our business for today’s modern markets.

What IS Gamification?

Gamification is not the creation of video games for businesses, nor is it about a stand-alone game to be played by employees. Instead, gamification is the integration of game-like traits into the essential daily tasks that employees have to accomplish. By incorporating gaming mechanics into non-gaming activities, the hope is that employee response and morale will improve.

There are many advantages of developing a gamification strategy within your business or organization. Let’s unveil a few of the key advantages below while expounding on what they offer.

1) Improve Employee Engagement With Gamification

First and foremost, improving employee engagement can be one of the best ways to vastly improve your business. Employee engagement revolves around how individuals within an organization respond to processes and tasks, as well as other aspects of involvement within the position. Gamification gives employees more of a reason to engage and stay involved with daily tasks, creating a more on-the-ball relationship between employee and employer.

2) Target Strengths and Improve Weaknesses

Gamified feedback is a fantastic way to target spots that are failing within a company’s culture. Let’s say that we have a business with issues revolving around employee efficiency. Creating an efficiency system with points and a corresponding reward system can lead to an improvement in this weakened area.

Gamification is an ideal way to address potential issues within the workforce while including constructive feedback and engaging improvement. Improve the strengths AND weaknesses within your business to find long-term success.

3) Improved Team Alignment

Gamification will encourage individual employees to improve behaviors that align with company goals. ALignment through gamification will allow both employees and employers to come together in the middle to share and improve their mutual goals. Improving engagement and inducing better learning through gamification will help to further intensify the improvement of team alignment on major issues.

Integrating gamification in business can become a winning strategy for businesses of all sizes. In today’s digitally driven world where our every move can be tracked at work, it seems like a reasonable next step to target for organizations that want to improve efficiency. Utilize some of the concepts we’ve explored here and combine them with concepts that work precisely within your industry.

Gamifying your business could lead to an improved workforce and a more efficient and functional business!