A Beginner's Guide to Competitive Shooting
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A Beginner’s Guide to Competitive Shooting

Competitive shooting can be a fun sport and help you hone your shooting skills for activities like hunting. There are many different types of competition shooting that you can get involved in. We’re going to go ahead and dive in so that you can learn how to get started in competitive shooting and where you can go in the future.


Competitive shooting has been around since colonial times. This favorite pastime paves the way for some friendly competition and allows gun owners the enthusiasm of shooting their own weapons. What started out as simple target shooting has improved as gun technology has been enhanced over the years. Competitive shooting includes quick-moving targets, competitive pigeon shooting, trap shooting, and many other fun activities.


Defining Competitive Shooting


Competitive shooting is a type of sporting activity that involves precision, speed, and accuracy from a shooter. When it comes to defining the types of competitions, they are categorized by the specific type of equipment that is used, the targets that are shot at, specific athleticism specialties, and time limits. A competition can be categorized by one or many of these factors. It’s also important to note that competitive shooting can be done on an individual basis or a team event basis.


The Various Types Of Shooting Competitions


There are many different types of shooting competitions. Depending on the weapon that is used, you’ll be shooting at a specific target designed for that weapon. For example, in shotgun competitions, shooters are aiming at clay pigeons or targets. Depending on the way that the target is thrown, it can change up the type of competition. For example, clay targets that are fired from opposite directions and end up crossing each other are referred to a skeet shooting competitions. However, when a clay pigeon is thrown in the same direction that the shooter is facing, it is considered trap shooting. As you’ve likely concluded, there are many different types of shooting competitions out there to choose from.


Getting Your Gear In Order


Before you can start competition shooting, there are various pieces of essential gear that you’ll need to have. The first and most important is a gun. Depending on what type of competition shooting that you’ll be doing, you will need to have a gun that fits into that specific category. For example, if you’re doing skeet shooting, you need to have a shotgun. Many experts recommend bringing two guns to your shooting competition. This way, if there’s an issue with one gun, you have a backup. This is really up to the shooter whether or not they want to do it.


Apart from having guns that meet the competition standards, there are other pieces of gear that you’ll need. You need ammunition for the weapons that you’re bringing. It’s suggested that you bring double the amount of ammo that you think you’ll need for the competition so that you don’t run out. Having a small gunsmithing kit can help with cleaning your gun alongside lubricating oil. When it comes to safety gear, you’ll need ear and eye protection. Depending on the style competition that you’re using, you may want elbow pads, knee pads, and shooting gloves. You want to make sure that the clothing that you’re wearing is comfortable and moisture-wicking so that you can maneuver with ease.


Practice Makes Perfect


Try to get some practice shooting underneath your belt before you apply for any competition. Competition shooting requires that you’re comfortable with your weapon and accurate when shooting it. For this reason, it’s always advisable to spend loads of time on the practice field in the type of environment that the competition that you’re thinking about entering into has. The more you practice in the same environment as a competition, the better you’re going to get at it.