Top 3 writing tools for teachers, Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker and Word Counter

With the advancing era of Information Technology, many new avenues have surfaced up with many new applications and utilities. The Industrial age of 21st century is fast paced and stops for no one. 

It required humanity to adapt to a fast life and that’s where the field of information technology has made its mark by making software tools that could be called the descendants of the calculator without a stretch. 

Before the invention of the calculator, people used to make calculations on their own and that used to take a lot of time relative to the device that was created for this purpose later on that made extremely complex calculations in microseconds. 

The article will focus on software tools which are useful for Teachers/Educators and how these tools have proved to be of great help in academic tasks.

The education system around the world has experienced an evolution of unprecedented proportions ever since the industrial revolution with surge in population, human development index and poverty alleviation all the while more and more people seeking education and means of education becoming more and more complex with the inception of technical labs, simulation rooms and electronic teaching methods.

This has led to development of software to assist teachers and students to focus on the more human part of education by doing what is best suited to programs and software: calculations.

Although, there are many online software tools to assist the members of the academia but three tools stand out as being the most useful to the teachers and students both. However, we’ll be discussing their importance with regard to teachers.

Three of these tools that top the list are Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker and Word Counter respectively.

Grammar Checker:

Before discussing what Grammar Checker is and what it does, this article would pay a little attention to what Grammar is. Grammar is a set of laws that govern languages, it makes up for the pillar on which the language has its foundations and therefore. 

Falling short of following these laws or violating them could end up in tremendous linguistic blunders from as bad as a sentence losing its elegance to as worse as entirely denaturing the sentence to the point that it becomes incomprehensible. 

Teachers regardless of the subjects they teach, watch over a student’s grip on the language that the subject is being taught in so as to make them perfect their linguistic capability. However, Checking for Grammar is not as shallow as it may be imagined. 

Grammar runs from surface levels to as deep as the very fine fabric of language and so pointing out each and every single mistake in not one but many of their students’ work becomes as task of herculean proportions not to mention the sheer amount of time such a task requires. This is where Grammar Checker comes in. 

It is a software that is designed to address exactly this problem and is therefore, rightly one of the most popular tools used by teachers to check their students’ Grammar.

Its operation is simple, it analyzes the texts that it receives as input and determines the grammatical errors through a built in dictionary literally in seconds which otherwise would have taken hours for teachers to do themselves and still they would have had the potential for human error, precisely what online grammar checkers lack: The Margin of Human Error.

Plagiarism Checker:

Plagiarism refers to ending up copying someone else’s work and presenting it as one’s own. It could be intended or unintended. Unintended because one could simply not find original source to some information that has passed through layers of channels over the cyberspace but still its considered misdemeanor and theft of intellectual property and must be avoided by all means. 

In the academic spectrum, it’s the job of the teachers to ensure that their students do not plagiarize assignments. However, it could be extremely hard for teachers to do it manually since they are not some sort of computer database that carries nearly all the historical information about the subject in their students’ assignment and then not to mention the number of students whose work their teacher has to examine and so for this purpose. 

A software known as plagiarism checker was developed by IT professionals that has become one of the most popular tools among teachers. It detects plagiarism in written content and its working mechanism is very elegant all a teacher has to do is to either upload the file of their student’s assignment or paste it directly and the software does the rest of the work. It works by comparing the content in the input to all the available relevant data on the internet to look for plagiarism and does so in real time.

Word Counter:

Word counter is yet another tool that is one of the top three tools among students and is very useful and simple. Teachers usually give their student assignments with a requirement of specific amount of words. Its counting those words that is the problem and it’s also a necessity due to the potential for exploitation of a teacher’s neglect in counting the words of their students’ assignments. 

But doing so is frustrating, counting each and every word in a single assignment is hard enough yet it’s not one but numerous students and consequently, numerous assignments that need a word count. 

Keeping this in mind and to make things easier for teachers, word counting software was designed by IT professionals that do the job in real time with lighting speed saving teachers’ time all the while saving them a lot of stress and frustration that may come with counting words of numerous assignments on their own. This is why it has been presented in the top 3 list due to its usefulness and popularity among teachers.