5 Ideas For Outdoor Gatherings
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5 Ideas For Outdoor Gatherings

Sometimes all you crave is a bit of fresh air.  Having a ball with friends and family under the beauty of nature’s canopy is just what the doctor ordered when you’ve been cooped up in the house for too long.

If you’re looking for some excellent ways to spend some time outside with friends, a little brainstorming session might help get your creative juices flowing.  Take a quick look at this overview of a few fun suggestions for outdoor gatherings, and start planning your next shindig today.

Have a camping party

You could throw a camping party for all of your favorite people, equipped with tents that are already erected when guests arrive.  Arrange the tents in a circular fashion, and build a decent size fire in the middle of the camp.

Take the time to grill some good food.  Make smores with everyone, and maybe even spend time telling scary stories around the fire after dinner time.  Invite your friend that plays guitar, and have some good music by the fire as well.

A backyard luau

When the weather is hot, cooling off in the pool is just the thing that will make your friends smile.  If you want a great party idea for the summer days, work on organizing your own backyard luau.

Have a Hawaiian theme that is seen through the decorations and the clothes of party goers.  Light a few tiki torches.  Fill up a few kiddie pools (if you don’t actually have a pool in your yard), and let the fun begin.

Movie night outside

Hosting an outdoor movie night will also make for some great memories with friends. You’ll need a projector and an appropriate space to project the movie.  A big white sheet pulled taut will do just fine as a screen for your projection movie.

Comfortable seating is important for an outdoor movie night.  Setup spots for people to lay with pillows and blankets on the ground.  Supply a few comfortable chairs, and don’t forget about the good food.

Have an outdoor game night

Games and competition always get people excited to see where the cards will lie.  The competitive nature within us can provide plenty of entertainment, and all you have to do is provide the games. Board games, horseshoe, corn hole, badminton, and other age-old games will keep party goers busy for the whole evening.

Plan a nature scavenger hunt

You can have an outdoor gathering without necessarily hosting the gathering at your home. Planning a nature scavenger hunt can bring a new level of freedom to your get together.  If you live in an apartment complex, setting up stations around the complex grounds could lay a good perimeter for your hunt.