Mint Global Marketing: Which Marketing Tactics Are Most Important In 2022

Mint Global Marketing: Which Marketing Tactics Are Most Important In 2022

Mint Global Marketing: Which Marketing Tactics Are Most Important In 2022

Marketing grows as technology grows, and technology never stops growing. We are fresh into 2022, but marketing pros are already predicting the most effective practices of the year. There’s no doubt that technology will play a massive role in 2022, as it has for the last decade-plus, but precisely what technology will be used?

Will new technology become more prevalent, or will we see some of the same suspects poking around the marketing world? We talked to the marketing pros at Mint Global Marketing and asked for their opinion.

Mint Global Marketing is an online marketing agency with three decades of experience. They’re experts in traditional and digital marketing and are leaders in the advertising industry. This is why we trust their advice on the best tactics and strategies for marketing in 2022. 

SEO and Keyword Research 

For the last five years, SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been a crucial tool in the marketing world. Mint Global Marketing doesn’t expect this to change in 2022 or anytime soon.

They expect the technology to get more advanced thanks to the help of artificial intelligence. For example, SEO helps businesses spread their name on the web and allows users to discover them.

It is crucial to understand how to research and discover keywords and incorporate them into your content. 


Analytics have also been around for years and are only getting more advanced thanks to technology like artificial intelligence. For example, businesses can discover their target audience and learn everything about them, thanks to analytics.

This helps businesses develop marketing plans and strategies that will really speak to their customers. Mint Global knows analytics are here to stay, and they expect them to be a more prominent player in 2022 than ever before. 

Unique Social Media Brands

Most people know how important social media is for advertising and marketing. However, many entrepreneurs and businesses do not understand how to utilize social media correctly.

Social media is not just a place to advertise your business; it is a place to build a brand and engage with your audience. Mint Global recommends having a unique brand and personality on every social media platform. This will help you stand out and will give your customers a reason to follow you.

They also believe Twitter will be one of the most important platforms for marketing in 2022. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Influencers are akin to celebrities in the past. They reach younger audiences as no one else can.

This is why affiliate marketing has become so popular in the past couple of years and why Mint Global believes it will continue to grow. They think that affiliate marketing will not only be a significant player in 2022 but that it will mature as a strategy.

Affiliate marketing will become more structured and reliable, which means it is the perfect time to start implementing this strategy. 

Video Marketing 

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms globally at the moment. Before TikTok, it was Vine. And before that, it was Youtube.

Videos have always been a very engaging form of content, and this will not change in 2022. Video content will be a necessity in your 2022 marketing strategy if you want to succeed.

Whether you post your videos on social media or your website, they will be a great way to grow your customer base.