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How A Mother Can Get Into Great Shape After Her First Child

The trauma that the body goes through during birth as well as pregnancy overall can leave a woman with a body they barely recognize. This can take a huge toll on confidence but it is not impossible to get into great shape once the doctor clears you to exercise. The most important thing is to think about choices that you are making whether it is dietary or what activity you are going to choose to partake in for the day. Take the time to talk to other mothers that seem to be in great shape to see if they have any tips as they have gotten into shape after one or more children. The following are ways that you can get into great shape after your first or even third child!

Start Out Slow With Exercise

The intensity of your workouts should be low to start out with as you probably were not able to exercise the last couple of months of your pregnancy. Starting out doing too much too early can lead to injury or being unable to exercise. The last thing that you want to do is set yourself back a few more months by not working your way into it and getting injured. Vary your workouts whether it is running one day or swimming the next. You want to keep working out as fun as possible and this variety can help you avoid hitting a plateau too early.

Recovery is Imperative

Do not skip out on recovery whether it is stretching or sitting down in your massage chair at home. Lack of recovery can lead to injury or you simply being too sore to exercise the next day. Take supplements that help you recover like that of BCAAs or branch chain amino acids or a protein supplement. Foam rolling can be a huge help for those women that get knots in their legs or backs after a tough workout. Cupping has become popular for many athletes with it being extremely popular for sports like that of swimming where training hard is a daily reality.

After You Have A Workout Routine, Diet Is A New Focus

Once you have your workout routine down you can move on to your diet. Trying to diet with a new tough workout regimen can be too much to handle. Take the time to start looking up different alternatives to foods that might be unhealthy. A great example is zucchini spaghetti which reduces the calories consumed without sacrificing taste if it is prepared correctly. Meal planning can be a good idea as well as you do not want to resort to fast food if you haven’t cooked dinner or packed a lunch for work.

Set and Reset Goals

Setting and resetting goals is important as you might find that a goal is far easier or difficult than you thought. You should set milestones that will help you stay on track to your ultimate goal. This will help you stay motivated as getting into shape most likely will take a few months if done correctly. Take the time to write out these goals as this will help you hold yourself accountable and enlist a family member to motivate you. This person can encourage you to hit the gym or attend the gym with you when it is the last thing that you want to do.

As you can see it is going to be hard work but you can get into shape after having a child. Do not let anyone tell you it is impossible as this is an excuse to not work hard.