Essential Business Software Programs for 2020

Running a small business requires quite a lot of work. While many small business owners tend to be happier then their corporate-working brethren, the number of tasks they have to take on can be quite overwhelming.

That’s why so many business owners rely on great business software to help carry the load. The right piece of software can slice through hours of work and turn it into minutes. It can help keep a business owner organized, and layout a procedure for a business to run smoothly long into the future.

What are the essential business software buys of 2020? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Quickbooks Pro

If you already use any software at your business, it’s probably Quickbooks. This is a giant program in the finance industry and it been used by businesses of all sizes for decades. In recent years, the people behind the software have made it more applicable to small business situations.

What’s so great about the program? It’s a wealth of templates. No matter what you need to do today for your business, Quickbooks probably has a template ready for you. No matter what you need, you can have a file pop open and organized in a matter of seconds.

Many people also use Quickbooks as their main way of handling payroll, though you will likely need to pay a small upgrade cost to access those features.

The only drawback is that the program is only compatible with Windows, so if you’re running off Apple-based systems, you will have to miss out. 

Paystub Creator

There are so many things to stay on top of a small business owner, it’s actually kind of nutty. What normally would be split up between entire departments of people at a real business becomes one’s sole responsibility. 

Handling payroll is one of these tasks, and it’s a time-consuming process that takes most business owners away from doing what they love most: running their business.

Luckily, there are services out there like Paystub Creator, which can make running payroll for one’s employees easy and fast. No longer will you have to worry about finding time to fit your payroll into your weekly schedule, with this helpful tool you can get through your workload in a snap.


If there’s anything small business owners enjoy less than doing payroll, it’s their taxes. Doing taxes as a small business owner can be incredibly complicated, and there’s always the ever-present threat of an IRS audit over your shoulder as well.

TurboTax is the big boss of tax processing, and it’s a software you should probably have in your arsenal going into Tax Season this year. It might still be difficult to work through your taxes, but with a program like TurboTax, it doesn’t have to be impossible.

The Best Business Software Programs

If you’re looking to run your business more efficiently this year, it’s well worth looking into the above business software programs. They can make some of the more difficult tasks you have to face easy.

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